Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who once again proved his worth at the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), accelerated his competition and earned a ransom of $600 million (781.2 billion won) It was predicted that it would reach

According to Sankei Sports on the 28th, major league critic Ryoichi Fukushima said, “The Angels have had few opportunities to experience the big stage. So, Ohtani had little experience on the big stage, but he played an active part in the WBC and short-term battles through two-hitting and showed his own self-confidence.” value,” he said.

Sankei Sports also predicted that Ohtani’s ransom is soaring.

Five MLB experts and analysts from ESPN in the US have selected the top 100 players in the major league rankings. Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) ranked third, Mike Trout (Angels) ranked second, and Ohtani ranked first.

Regarding this, “no one will be surprised that Ohtani won first place. Looking at his performance in the WBC, it is clear that Ohtani is the best baseball player in the world. Expect a contract of more than 500 million dollars,” he explained.메이저놀이터

In a special article titled “Should Ohtani be offered a contract worth more than $600 million”, “CBS Sports” of the United States said, “Ohtani is a player who has the ability to hit 40 home runs and win the Cy Young Award. (Boston Red Sox) I was passive about spending a lot, but I need to consider making an exception.”

‘The New York Post’ published an article titled “‘Can Ohtani become the first major league player to make $600 million’ in the situation ahead of the WBC in February, and suggested that the Los Angeles Dodgers, Several clubs, including the New York Mets, Yankees, and San Francisco Giants, are likely to jump on the scout.”

Critic Fukushima said, “Ohtani is a first-class player both as a hitter and as a pitcher. Based on the contract period of 10 years, he is a player with a value that is not unreasonable even if he signs a large contract of 300 million dollars as a pitcher, 300 million dollars as a hitter, and a total of 600 million dollars.” highly evaluated.

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