Double-digit losing streak for the first three years in a row in professional baseball. It is a dishonorable record set by Hanwha last year. Until last year, Hanwha felt that defeat was more natural than victory, but if you are not careful, you will get hurt. It’s scary because once it explodes, it explodes very well.

On April 7, 2019, Hanwha, who wrote a new history in Korean professional baseball by recording 20 at-bats in the third inning against Lotte, showed off his concentration by entering 18 at-bats in one inning in a game against Kiwoom on the 25th.바카라

On the 27th, the KBO Secretariat released data on the most at-bats in one inning in league history. Hanwha is ranked 1st and 2nd in the record for the most at-bats. First of all, in the game against Kiwoom held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 25th, Hanwha lost 3-6, and 18 players stood at bat one after another in the 8th inning. On August 11, 2001, LG made the same record in 22 years since it achieved the 8th against KIA. In this attack, Hanwha scored 13 runs, including 10 hits, 5 walks, and 13 RBIs, including one home run. It is to the extent that it is tied for the second highest score in an inning and RBI in an inning. The attack time reached 68 minutes. Kiwoom spent a nightmarish inning.

The record for the most at-bats is also held by Hanwha. On April 7, 2019, Hanwha recorded 20 at-bats in the match against Lotte held at Sajik Stadium in Busan. At that time, after Ji Seong-jun went on base with a walk, △Jang Jin-hyuk hit right handedly △Sunjin Oh walk △Keun-woo Jeong hit right handedly △Eun-won Jeong 3-run homer △Kwang-min Song hit right handedly △Gerard Hoying walked △Tae-Kyun Kim hit hard △Sihwan Noh struck out △Sung-Jun Ji double hit middle right △Jin-Hyeok Jang 9 Among the top hitters, he stood at bat on as many as three occasions. At this time, Hanwha scored 16 points.

At that time, Lotte’s starting pitcher against Hanwha was Jang Si-hwan, followed by Yoon Gil-hyun on the mound, but he could not stop Hanwha’s explosive power. This match ended in a rain cold. Hanwha won 16-1.

Hanwha wrote a pleasant record, but the team’s performance hit the bottom that year. This season, Hanwha ranked 9th with a win rate of 58-86 and 0.403. Lotte ranked 10th after Hanwha with a win rate of 0.340 with 48 wins, 93 losses and 3 draws.

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