“I was training the infielders and coach (Ryu Joong-il) was standing next to me.”

Of the total 24 entries for the Hangzhou Asian Games, only 5 have completed military service (including wartime service). The national team is the strongest of all time as far as motivation to go for the gold medal is concerned.온라인바카라

Park Seong-han (SSG) is one of those rare military veterans. In 2019, two years after turning professional, he joined Sangmu and completed his military service.

However, he now wants to have the rare title of ‘national shortstop’. It is an honor granted to only a very few people, including Park Jin-man and Kim Jae-ho.

“People say that I ‘have no sense of urgency’ because I went to the military. That’s not the case at all. Today is my first training, and there are a lot of juniors, and I feel like I have to do better. It’s a new feeling.”

Is it true that the rumor that the non-military members of the national team are watching the military veterans? Park Seong-han laughed and said, “There is nothing like that. Even today, I didn’t see anyone offering to carry my luggage,” and then emphasized, “The national team is a place where each person just has to do their job well. We have gathered really good players. I think they will be able to do well in the competition as well.”

KBO delivered power analysis data of major teams such as Taiwan and Japan to the players in advance. Park Seong-han promised thorough preparation, saying, “I have received the materials, and there is also a power analysis meeting in the evening.”

Shaoxing Baseball Stadium, where the Asian Games are held, is made of artificial turf. This is the part that concerns shortstop Park Seong-han the most.

“I haven’t played on artificial turf recently, but I think I’ll find out once I get there. I’ll try to adjust the bounce and check the speed of the ball. The feel is different when I play in a stadium I haven’t played in before, so practice is the only way to survive.”

Seniors on the team, including Choi Jeong, gave warm congratulations and advice. Park Seong-han smiled, saying, “In particular, senior Choi Jeong has a lot of experience with the national team, so he told me in detail what the situation was and what to manage. He said, ‘Do well and come back.’”

Manager Ryu Joong-il is a former shortstop. On this day, Coach Ryu appeared to be reminiscing about his memories as a player, as he walked around the field of infielders’ defensive training under Coach Jong-yeol Lee and joked with Ji-chan Kim (Samsung). Park Seong-han replied, “I had a lot of work to do, including joint training with the pitchers. I think the manager was watching carefully.”

“I heard there are a lot of minor leaguers coming to Taiwan. I’m going to go and meet them. I’ll do my best to win a gold medal.”

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