KIA Tigers ace Yang Hyeon-jong achieved a record only three people in professional baseball history.

Yang Hyeon-jong started the second game against Samsung held at KIA Champions Field in Gwangju on the 22nd, and led a 6-2 victory with a good pitching of 5 innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 run.

Yang Hyeon-jong, who had accumulated 159 wins until last year, won his first win of the season in 3 games, becoming the youngest player in history to reach the long-awaited 160 wins. Song Jin-woo (210 wins) Jeong Min-cheol (161 wins) only 2 people recorded the 3rd record ever. If Yang Hyeon-jong adds two wins, he will surpass Jeong Min-cheol and rise to second place in total wins.

Narrowing the range to starting wins, Yang Hyeon-jong took the 158th starting win in his career, surpassing Jeong Min-cheol (157 starting wins) and rising to second place in all-time starting wins after Song Jin-woo (163 starting wins). If you add 6 wins in the future, you will surpass Song Jin-woo and step on the highest number of wins in history.

Yang Hyeon-jong promised, “I will try to set the record for the most wins for senior Song Jin-woo for the rest of my career.” In the field of most starts, the likelihood of being ranked No. 1 in this season has increased.

From the first inning, Yang Hyeon-jong cruised with the help of other players who supported Byun Woo-hyuk’s first grand slam and 5 points.

After being hit by Pirella after one out in the first inning, he completely blocked the Samsung batting line with no hits until the fourth inning. Yang Hyeon-jong, who had a slightly uncomfortable expression after the 4th episode, was a little shaken from the 5th episode. After giving up a hit to leader Lee Jae-hyeon, he conceded the first run with a double in mid-month to Gong Min-gyu. In the risk of losing an extra second base safely, Yang Hyeon-jong finished the inning by beating three batters. 안전놀이터

Yang Hyeon-jong, who exceeded 100 pitches in the 6th inning with a lead of 5-1, passed the mound to the bullpen after giving away consecutive walks to Pirella and Lee Won-seok. As soon as Jeon Sang-hyun came up, Kang Min-ho got a right-handed hit and was driven to full base, but Oh Jae-il, Lee Jae-hyeon, and Gong Min-gyu turned to KKK to suppress Yang Hyeon-jong’s run.

The maximum speed of the fastball was only 145 km, and the average was only 139 km, but he skillfully stole the timing of Samsung hitters by properly mixing the slider and changeup.

After the game, Yang Hyeon-jong said, “I prepared for the game as I always prepared. There was pressure because the team was in a bad situation, but trying to throw my best in every inning led to good results. I was relieved, and the middle pitcher was well blocked, so the team was able to win. I am even more happy to have achieved 160 wins.”

Yang Hyeon-jong, who helped the team that hit bottom and is rebounding, said, “The team’s performance is not good, but it is still early in the season. All players are doing their best in every game. I will become a pitcher who can help this win.” He continued, “I feel happy and grateful that many fans came to the stadium and sent their support today. If you cheer for me until the end of the season, I will repay you with a better play.” expressed gratitude.

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