The starting pitcher was Milwaukee Brewers ace Corbin Burns. The catcher is JT Realmuto (Philadelphia Phillies), who joined the club with 20 homers and 20 stolen bases in 23 years. 1st baseman 2022 National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis Cardinals) 2nd baseman ‘Little Giant’ Jose Altuve (Houston Astros) 3rd baseman Kim Ha-sung’s colleague Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) shortstop It was Trey Turner (Philadelphia Phillies) who grew up as a ‘hitting machine’. 

Left fielder Jordan Alvarez, who led Houston to win the World Series, center fielder Mike Trout (LA Angels), the current top hitter, and right fielder Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), the “clean home run king” who hit 62 homers last season (2022). Edwin Diaz (New York Mets), who opened the bullpen pitcher era of $100 million (based on total amount), was selected as the best pitcher for this position. 

There may be disagreements, but it is clear that the best players in the league are ranked first. The point that draws attention is their team. Only Philadelphia produced two. To be precise, as of February 2023. Turner, who was selected as the number one shortstop, was with the Los Angeles Dodgers last season. In this Stove League, he signed a free agent (FA) contract with Philadelphia for 11 years and a total of $300 million. 

Philadelphia recorded 87 wins and 75 losses in the 2022 season, and played the postseason from the wild card series. However, they defeated St. Louis, who ranked first in the NL Central Division, and the Atlanta Braves, who ranked first in the Eastern Division 먹튀검증, respectively, in the Wild Card Series and Division Series, and defeated San Diego with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss, making it to the World Series. They failed to rise to the top with only two wins over Houston, but they were the hottest team last fall. 

As it ranks second out of 30 clubs, the team’s strength is also receiving good reviews ahead of the next season. Realmuto and Turner ranked first in catcher and shortstop, respectively, Bryce Harper ranked third in right field and Kyle Schwaber ranked third in left field. Harper is the 2021 NL MVP. Schwaber is evaluated as the best in the league in terms of pure power. First baseman Rhys Hoskins was ranked 10th. It’s league average, but he’s a hitter with 30 home runs in the 2022 season. Starting pitcher Zack Wheeler was rated eighth at the position. The 2021 season is a player who was in 6th place.  

Philadelphia’s power ranking is lower than the ‘defending champion’ Houston, the New York Mets, who showed a wide move in this Stove League, the luxury corps San Diego, and the ‘perennially powerful’ LA Dodgers. However, the individual abilities of the main players are not pushed by any team. 

The competition for the NL East ranking in the 2023 season is likely to be a three-way match between Atlanta, the Mets, and Philadelphia. The Miami Marlins, who showed signs like Altoran, are also dark horses. Attention is focusing on what Philadelphia, with the addition of Turner, will show. 

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