“I need to improve my play and aim for more than five (championship rings).”

Oh and Kim will wear the same jersey again. Working together in the centre, they not only led the team to a 52-game winning streak, but also brought the winning streak to the amateur ranks by winning the combined title in the College Basketball League in 2010.스포츠토토

They split the regular season and playoff MVP honours last season. They were the best opponents in the championship final, which went to overtime in Game 7.

Before Game 7 of the championship, we asked Kim Sun-hyung about his time at Chungang University. “He was unstoppable. He was literally the best centre,” he said, adding, “When I think about it, we played so well together that we won 52 games in a row. We had so much fun. We used to play at basketball banquets, and whenever he came out, we would just look at him and play.”

Then he said, “I hope we play without regrets. I hope he does well and we win (laughs). I feel good today,” he added.

Kim capitalised on the good feeling and finished with 37 points, five rebounds, 10 assists, five steals and five three-pointers, but the team finished as runners-up.

After his victory, Oh said, “He’s a great player. I’ve watched him since I was a kid and he’s still very good, and he takes care of himself very well. He’s on a different team now, but I really look up to him. He made a great play in this series, and I think he will make a great play next season,” he said.

Sungkyunkwan University head coach Kim Sang-jun, who was a teacher of Oh and Kim during their time at Chung-Ang University, said, “Kim has definitely improved in the pros. At that time (college), he didn’t know what he was doing. Now, he knows the way and even controls the tempo. In college, I didn’t know how to control the tempo, I was just fast. Now I’m a fox,” he said, remembering his college days.

When asked about Kim’s growth in the pros, Oh said, “I think he became more relaxed, and when I saw him from the outside, I saw a point guard and opened my eyes to pass. That’s what I think, and it’s a lot different from college.”

In college, Kim was criticised for his three-point shooting. Although he improved his success rate significantly in his fourth year of college, he struggled from three-point range when he made his professional debut. However, he is now a very good three-point shooter when defended from a distance, which he proved in the last championship game.

“When you keep hearing that it’s weak to overcome that, it gets stuck in your head and you think that I’m a weak three-point shooter and there are players who are even worse, but he (Kim Sun-hyung) made up for his weaknesses with hard work, so I appreciate that,” said Oh. “We were on the same team in the national team, but it’s been a long time since we’ve been on the same team, so it’s still awkward, and I got married and started a family, so there are a lot of changes. It’s late, but it’s good (to be on the same team),” he laughed.

One of Osegun’s stated goals is to win five championship rings.

“I said in my previous team that I wanted to have five (championship rings). Even though I switched teams, it didn’t end what I had in mind. “Since I changed teams, a lot of people are looking forward to it, and I’m also looking forward to it,” he said.

Oh Se-geun and Kim Sun-hyung, who led Jungang University to invincibility, are back together. It will be interesting to see if Oh can join Kim in winning a fifth championship ring.

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