“Ohtani was just like us!”.

Los Angeles Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani’s ‘humanity’ made fans laugh.

‘CUT4’, which collects and uploads interesting videos on the official homepage of Major League Baseball, released a ‘gift’ on the 18th (Korean time). Ohtani is wearing a jumper at first base after going on base, but he is struggling because the zipper does not close well. Ohtani tried several times, zipped up only one side, and eventually took it off and handed it over to the coach. The video was viewed by 1.39 million people and received more than 250,000 likes.

In addition, videos of Ohtani slipping up the stairs, having a humorous conversation with his colleagues, and yawning while being pranked by his colleagues have become a ‘meme’ with the caption ‘Ohtani was also a human after all’. there is. Efforts to find humanity in Ohtani, the ‘monster’ who doesn’t even look like a human on and off the field.

In 2021, Ohtani, who simultaneously achieved 100 innings, 100 strikeouts, 100 hits, 100 RBIs, and 100 runs in the major leagues for the first time in the major leagues, won the American League unanimous MVP that year. This year, as a pitcher, he has an average ERA of 0.64 in 5 games, 3 wins and losses, and as a hitter, he is cruising with an average of 0.265 OPS and 0.883 batting average in 22 games, 5 home runs and 13 RBIs. 메이저놀이터

What major league officials and fans fall for him more is his off-the-ground personality. On the 24th, Major League Baseball’s official SNS said, “We have to protect the earth. Ohtani is doing just that,” collecting and releasing several videos of him picking up trash on the ground, and highly praised Ohtani’s usual good behavior.

In the game against the Seattle Mariners on the 6th, while appealing to the referee regarding the pitch clock violation during the karate shift, he produced a joke about taking a ball out of the referee’s cheek pocket and throwing it for the opposing pitcher on the mound.

In the game against the Oakland Athletics on the 25th, as the opponent’s starting pitch came high in the first inning, he barely avoided a threatening ball that passed near his face, and then headed to the bench to express that there was no problem. Then, he talked with the Auckland catcher with a smile and became a hot topic again with ‘Manners’.

At the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held last month, Ohtani, who paid his respects to Czech baseball and received their signed uniform and cap, made the tournament his own with a perfect finish in the ninth inning of the final. It’s understandable that major league fans are trying to find the ‘flaws’ in the perfect Ohtani.

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