“It is a happy thing to be selected for our team. They are more blessed than any other team.”

LG Twins coach Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed regret that the selection was not made despite the team’s favorable conditions for growth. Coach Yeom said, “Our team starters are happy,” and said, “You can become a winning pitcher with just 5 innings and 3 runs,” and said that solid power helps the selection.바카라

Manager Yeom said, “Our team has a batting ability, a defense, and a bullpen. The starter can win 10 games just by rotating.”

As of the 4th, LG is in the undisputed first place with a team batting average of 2.8 5 li, nearly 2 pun ahead of the 2nd place NC Dinos (0.267). The score also recorded 408 points, ranking first overall with 5.4 points per game. That’s a lot of scoring support.

The bullpen is also stable. The bullpen ERA is 3.38, which is second only to SSG Landers (2.99). Woo-young Jeong, Deok-joo Ham, Myeong-geun Park, Jin-sung Kim, Young-chan Yoo, Seung-hyeon Baek and Woo-seok Jung solidly support the selection.

The defense is good too. They have a stable defensive line including shortstop Oh Ji-hwan and center fielder Park Hae-min. Second baseman Kim Min-seong and Shin Min-jae took over and improved, and Moon Bo-gyeong also showed increasingly stable third base defense.

In addition, since Jamsil Stadium, the largest baseball stadium in the KBO League, is used as home, the fact that there are not many home runs is also advantageous to the pitcher.

However, selection is considered as the biggest weakness of LG. For LG, the three starters – Casey Kelly, Adam Plutko, and Lim Chan-kyu – are definitely running, but the rest of the domestic 4th and 5th pickers are still not properly equipped. This season, Kim Yun-shik and Lee Min-ho and Kang Hyo-jong started the domestic selection, but none of them were fixed. Lee Ji-gang and Lee Sang-young came forward, but it was also not easy to digest 5 innings.

Coach Yeom is training with Lee Jung-yong, a bullpen agent, as a starter, but still no one has taken a hit in the 5th starter. On the 9th, in the Lotte game in Busan, Cho Won-tae, a prospect in the 1st nomination last year, who recently had good pitching in the 2nd group, will start. Director Yeom said to Cho Won-tae, who consistently started as a starter in the 2nd group and threw 5 innings, “I wish I could throw 3 innings well.”

If you give up 3 runs in 5 innings, your ERA is 5.40. Not a very good ERA. Even so, LG is at a level where it can rotate even if it has only 5 starters. This is because the batting line and the bullpen support him.

LG is the team with the best conditions for starting pitchers to grow. However, domestic selection is not great. Director Yeom made such a remark because he regretted that the selection was not made under such favorable conditions. The first half is now over.

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