Oh Jae-won, a baseball commentator from Doosan who shot Park Chan-ho of the ‘Korean Express’, posted an explanation.

He said he had been beaten a lot, and he said he would deeply engrave the need to be more careful before speaking.

This is reporter Hong Seok-jun.


Through an interview with a media outlet, Oh Jae-won sniped ‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho.

<Oh Jae-won / Baseball Commentator> “I hate the Korean Express (Park Chan-ho) so much… It’s not just one or two players who made a fool out of commenting once.”

The reason Jaewon Oh mentioned Chanho Park stemmed from the bad relationship between the two in the past.

Park Chan-ho, who was in charge of the Asian Games commentary in 2014, claimed that Jae-won Oh had been hit by a ground ball in the past and it was a foul when Jae-won Oh entered the plate. complained of regret.

Afterwards, Park Chan-ho apologized, saying, “It seems that his misunderstanding made his juniors difficult.”

In particular, a lot of criticism followed the word ‘people’ mentioned by Oh Jae-won.

<Oh Jae-won/Baseball Commentator> “I don’t think the whole nation knows the heart and gratitude of waking up at dawn and cheering for him.스포츠토토

In the end, Oh Jae-won explained, “I express my apologies to those who must have been disappointed and offended by the word ‘people’.”

He apologized within a day, but the fans’ anger does not subside easily.

Oh Jae-won, who was scheduled to comment on Hanwha and SSG’s weekend three-game series, was confirmed to be excluded from the broadcast.

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