Women’s national soccer team Park Eun-seon (Seoul City Hall) is raising expectations as she successfully revived ahead of the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup in July. It is also noteworthy whether Park Eun-seon, who has been through controversy over human rights violations by women’s soccer coaches in the past, will lead Korea to victory on her World Cup stage.

On the 7th and 11th, Park Eun-sun announced her revival by scoring a total of 3 goals in the evaluation match between Zambia and the women’s national soccer team held in Korea.

Park Eun-seon, 37 years old this year, was substituted in the second half of the first game, but she showed off her physical fitness by playing right before the end of the second game in the second game.

She further proved that she was not tired of her performance in the first and second half, as she scored her header with a high RBI when Park Eun-sun attacked a corner kick in the 44th minute of the second half.

Park Eun-seon, who had no ties with the national team after the 2015 World Cup, was called by coach Colin Bell last year and now she has been reborn as a national team starter.

Not many people predicted Park Eun-sun’s revival. In the past, Park Eun-seon suffered from human rights violations and sexual harassment from people in the soccer world.

When Seoul City Hall, which had been at the bottom of the women’s soccer WK league for many years, emerged as a candidate for the championship thanks to Park Eun-sun’s performance, the coaches of 6 clubs, excluding Seoul City Hall, demanded a gender test for Park Eun-sun. It was revealed that it pressured the Korea Women’s Football Federation to boycott the 2014 season if the prosecutor’s request was not accepted.

At that time, the directors were Lee Sang-gyun, director of Suwon Facility Management Corporation, Yoo Dong-gwan, Goyang Bridge manager, Son Jong-seok, Chungbuk Sports Toto manager, Busan Sangmu manager Lee Mi-yeon, Kang Jae-soon, Jeonbuk KSPO manager, and Choi In-cheol, Hyundai Steel manager.

Even the National Human Rights Commission intervened in this matter. The Human Rights Commission recommended discipline to the Korea Football Association and recommended measures to prevent recurrence to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the President of the Korea Sports Council, the President of the Korea Football Association, and the President of the Korea Women’s Football Federation.

At the time, the Human Rights Commission said, “Even if it was unintentional to cause a gender controversy by requesting a gender diagnosis, it was an act of sexual harassment as a result.” I am complaining that I am reluctant to do it.” 먹튀검증

He added, “The victim who should have been able to show his full potential and concentrate on training due to sexual humiliation had a negative impact on his career as a professional athlete, such as greatly shrinking.” It seems to be in line with the legislative purpose of sexual harassment,” he added.

After the incident, Park Eun-sun left for the Russian league and returned to the domestic stage in 2015. Park Eun-sun, who was not called up to the national team after the 2015 Canada Women’s World Cup, returned to the national team in July of last year after being called by coach Colin Bell.

Park Eun-sun, who improved her stamina according to coach Bell’s advice, has now been reborn as a starter for the national team. At a press conference after the game against Zambia on the 11th, Bell also revealed that he would use Park Eun-sun moderately, saying, “I want to take care of her like a flower in a greenhouse before the World Cup.”

Park Eun-sun participated in the 2003 World Cup in the USA and the 2015 World Cup in Canada. It will be his third World Cup appearance if he competes in the Australia-New Zealand World Cup in July. It is highly likely that the performance of her national team will be influenced by Park Eun-seon’s performance in the World Cup after overcoming the ordeal.

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