What grades must be raised to raise the annual salary by 650 million won all at once?

NC Dinos announced on the 27th that it had completed the renewal of salary contracts for 62 players (excluding rookies and FA players) for the 2023 season. 메이저사이트

According to this, the most eye-catching annual salary contract is Park Seok-min.

Park Seok-min signed a renewal contract for only 50 million won, a whopping 650 million won cut from the existing annual salary of 700 million won. On record, it is a 93% cut, the largest cut ever in the KBO.

In fact, Park Seok-min’s annual salary cut has no meaning.

This is because the contract of up to 3.4 billion won for 2+1 years signed as a free agent in 2020 ended at the end of 2022. Therefore, in order for Park Seok-min to continue his active life in the 2023 season, he must sign a new contract.

Park Seok-min moved from Samsung Lions to NC for 4 years and 9.6 billion won as a free agent in 2016. And in 2020, his second free agent, he signed again for 3.4 billion won.

Park Seok-min was like a legend with the Samsung Dynasty before moving to NC.

In line with the period when Samsung was enjoying its heyday by entering the Korean Series for 6 consecutive years, including winning 4 consecutive victories in the Korean Series from the 2011 season to 2014, Park Seok-min had a batting average of 30% from the 2012 season to the 2015 season and was a major third baseman. He played an active role and raised his share price to the maximum.

Thanks to this, Park Seok-min was able to transfer to NC for a jaw-dropping amount in 2016. However, Park Seok-min was brilliant in the first year of his transfer, but did not show proper performance for the remaining 3 years.

And for the second free agency, he signed a contract with a reduced amount of 6.2 billion won than the first free agency. In the 2020 season, his second free agent first year, he flew again. Although he fell short of his peak, he rose again as a 30% hitter in 4 years and contributed to NC’s regular league championship.

However, in the Korean Series, he did not contribute as much as the regular league, but he succeeded in wearing the championship ring for the 6th time (5th Samsung, 1st NC).

However, Park Seok-min suffered a fatal disgrace in his career with the Corona 19 pendemic. In July 2021, he received a 72-game suspension from the KBO for violating the quarantine rules, and an additional 50-game suspension from the club.

After all the discipline, he returned to the first team entry in June 2022, but with a batting average of 0.149 without a home run in 16 appearances, he could not really show the value of existence.

As the season ended and the FA contract ended, the possibility of retirement came out, but Park Seok-min conveyed his desire to continue his career as a player to the club, and NC coach Kang In-kwon expressed his stance that he would give it a chance, and the contract of 93% salary reduction was concluded.

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