Lionel Messi (36) confirmed his ‘advance to the new continent’ wearing an Inter Miami uniform.

On the 16th (Korean time), the US Major League Soccer (MLS) club Inter Miami said, “We recruited World Cup champion Messi. The term of his contract is two years until 2025,” it was officially announced. Messi, who was a free agent (FA) due to the expiration of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), will take on a new challenge in the United States.먹튀검증

Messi left a ‘clothing feature’ wearing a light pink uniform for Inter Miami. Messi, who wore FC Barcelona’s red + blue uniform, PSG’s navy blue uniform, and Argentina national team’s sky blue uniform, wore a pink uniform for the first time in his career.

Messi’s salary has also been revealed. Jorge Mars, co-owner of Inter Miami, mentioned in a recent media interview that “Messi’s annual salary is between 50 million dollars (about 63.5 billion won) and 60 million dollars (about 76.2 billion won).”

In addition, owner Mars said, “I worked hard for three years to recruit Messi. For a year and a half of those, I really actively courted her. He recalled that he met and negotiated in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, Miami, USA, Rosario, Argentina, and Doha, Qatar,” and said, “I had a long conversation with Messi’s father, Jorge Messi.” Jorge Messi is working as Messi’s agent.

After confirming his move to Inter Miami, Messi said, “I am delighted to be able to continue my career in the United States and at Inter Miami. Playing on the American stage is a fantastic opportunity. I will help Inter Miami achieve its goal as soon as possible.”

Messi’s ‘American debut match’ is expected to take place during this month. The Inter Miami club announced that “Messi can participate from the League Cup match against Cruz Azul (Mexico) on the 22nd.”

Inter Miami has appointed Messi’s old mentor as their new manager. Gerardo Martino, the former coach of FC Barcelona, ​​is the main character. Coach Martino is a ‘Mezalal’ leader who knows Messi well, as he also served as the manager of the Argentina national team.

Messi’s best friend, Sergio Busquets, also moved to Inter Miami. Busquets is a colleague who led the peak of Barcelona along with Messi. Busquets left Barcelona this summer after playing exclusively for Barcelona, ​​Spain for 18 years.

Coach Martino said, “Messi and Busquets are not coming to play in the American Major League Soccer (MLS). I talked to Messi and I talked to Busquets. The two players do not come here to find leisure, to enjoy a vacation. I came to America to work, compete, and win. Messi has a strong will to win.”

“I will take on a great challenge in 2023. The best players in the world now play in MLS. It will definitely help the league grow. MLS is already growing, but I believe that MLS will develop further only with the existence of Messi.”

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