The key support champion for this playoff is Alistar.

Alistar has a 96% pick-and-ban rate in the ongoing LCK Summer Playoffs. There is no champion with a higher ban/pick rate than Alistar, and there are only Azir and Jaya as similar champions. In particular, in the third round of the playoffs between T1 and Gen.G on the 12th, the side that took Alistar won one after another, establishing itself as the key pick of the day.먹튀검증

The reason Alistar was able to become a key pick is based on her tremendous tanking power using her ultimate skill, ‘Unbreakable Will’. When Alistar uses her ultimate, she is immediately freed from all obstructive effects and gains a 55% damage reduction effect based on her ultimate level 1. Yoo Hwan-joong of ‘Delight’, who was interviewed by Media Data, also explained, “Alista’s greatest strength is that she has good tanking ability, so she can pull out a lot of skills in battle.” Compared to supporters such as Rakan and Rell, who are similar short-range champions whose strengths are roaming and fighting, Alistar’s performance advantage can be seen.

Of course, Alistar is not a champion with only strengths. ‘Lehenz’ Son Si-woo, who was the first to use Alistar this season, also said, “Alista is a good champion, but the disadvantages are also clear.” The most representative weakness of Alistar is, of course, laning. Due to the nature of Alistar, who does not have any special check skills, she is inevitably vulnerable against long-distance supporters in laning battles. The representative Alistar’s counter is Lulu, which is also due to this. Lulu is evaluated to have an advantage over Alistar because she can use her basic attacks and q skills to keep her in check from the beginning, and even use her w skill, ‘Capricious’ to block entry.

All three players in the match in Daejeon are good at using Alistar. As mentioned earlier, Son Si-woo is a representative player who made good use of Alistar this season, and Yoo Hwan-joong and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok also showed good performances as Alistar in the playoff stage. It is easy to predict that a fierce psychological warfare will unfold between Alistar and Alistar’s counter from the ban-pick stage. If you release Alistar and prepare the perfect strategy to deal with him, it will have a big impact on winning the set and the outcome of the match. In the end, among the three teams’ supporters, the player who came up with a better solution against Alistar will be able to give the team a pick-and-play advantage.

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