Amulet of Alu Necklace

Amulet of Alu Necklace


Product Description

Our new amulet is derived from the ancient runic alphabet specifically
Elder Futhark. It is an amulet of magic and also “a celebration in the afterlife” so basically, an “eternal celebration”.

The amulet also has symbols embracing luck and warding off bad spirits (evil eye) and inviting joy.

The amulet spells ALU and has the symbol of star and moon and divided by a concave decorated in black rhodium. The amulet is surrounded by black
Diamonds as well as black rhodium spikes. This is so the look is distressed and imperfect in design. The eye features a turquoise stone and entirely made of diamond bezels. The bail, is original and unique, comprised of spikes and perfectly matching the aesthetic of the amulet.

Hanging from an 18 inch oval link chain.

Shown in rose gold. Also available in white and yellow.


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