Black Diamond and Opal Flower Rod Earring



Black Diamond and Opal Flower Earring is a rod that goes through your ear on one side with 3  opal marquis stones that resemble abstract flower leaves. The other side of the rod earring features a  1/3 ct. inverted black diamond. The black diamond screws on to seamlessly and securely adorn your ear. This earring is comfortable enough to wear all the time and is secure as any earring can be. While the opal and black diamond combination is a classic, its also timeless and always cool. Sold as a single. Looks perfect paired with any other jewelry or on its own. Locally sourced (stones). Locally crafted by hand in NYC from recycled gold.

  • Solid 14 k. gold.
  • .35 ct. Black Diamond.
  • 3 Marquis Opals.
  • Sold individually.
  • Available in Yellow, Rose or White Gold.
  • Born in Brooklyn.
  • Hand-made in NY.