Friendship Pin Earrings

Friendship Pin Earrings


These earrings are a favorite!

Our Friendship Pin Earrings are such a fun and edgy statement piece of jewelry, evolving from the punk movement of the ‘70s and ‘80s, but with a twist. Nothing says punk more than safety pins and pearls. We molded an actual safety pin so we can achieve a realistic look, and produced it in 14k solid gold. We also added fine, Akoya, Japanese cultured pearls to the safety pin earrings, making the earrings more unique, glamorous and feminine.

Besides being reminiscent of punk jewelry, these earrings were actually inspired from the friendship pins of the early 1980’s, which were safety pins, decorated with various beads, symbolizing different attributes, and bestowed upon friends. These are also sold individually, because even one is enough to make a statement; although a pair would look twice as good! Wear one through two holes for an extra special look.

Details: 14 Karat Gold with Akoya Pearls.

Made in Brooklyn. Handcrafted in NYC.


*Sold as individual earrings! Choose 2 for a pair

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