Friendship Pin Earrings

Friendship Pin Earring



The Friendship Pin Earring is a fan favorite. The hand drilled, natural mini pearl adornments on this fun and edgy piece of jewelry is inspired by the friendship pins that were exchanged between friends in the 1980s’s. The solid 14 k. gold pin itself is also an echo of the punk aesthetic and a staple of edgy streetwear jewelry. This pin is as realistic as they come, but made of solid gold, to be a lasting keepsake. Some people wear safety pins for good luck and to ward off evil. Whatever the reason, this hand forged piece is a perfect piece to compliment any look and to wear in any ear piercing. This piece is made of solid gold wire which is extra thick, extra hard and extra strong so that it doesn’t bend or warp. Sold individually. Also looks great as a pair. Locally sourced (stones). Locally Crafted by hand from recycled gold in NYC.

  • Solid 14 k. gold.
  • 1 inch in length.
  • Natural, hand drilled pearls for a perfect fit.
  • Sold individually. 
  • Available in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold.
  • Born in Brooklyn.
  • Hand-made in NY.