Gemstone Trinity Necklace



This necklace makes a statement as it echoes the sentiments of being both classically elegant and modernly cool. This necklace is extremely unique, in that it is reminiscent of a classical piece of jewelry with its pearl, diamonds, emerald and teardrop opal finale. However, as the gems rest in a modern vertical line, each mismatched from the next and interrupted with different counts of diamonds, this piece becomes a modern version of a timeless classic. The vertical strip begins with 2 radiant white diamonds, interrupted with a 5mm pearl, then 3 diamonds, an oval emerald, 3 more diamonds and finished with a hanging, dangling, 3 prong-set, fiery opal marquis. This entire necklace is two-tone, consisting of a yellow gold chain, prongs and bezel, and complimented by white gold diamond bezels and a white gold pearl cup, in order to make the pearl and diamonds stand out and reflect their beauty best. The top of the pendant conceals a hidden loop in the back, so the chain can seamlessly go through. The solid 14k gold chain is 16 inches and the pendant hangs at almost 1.5 inches. We decided to make the pendant fluidly move back and forth rather than be attached to the chain, so it could match the fluidity of the dangling opal. We thought that would look perfect set against the rigid strip of radiating gems…and we were right! Locally sourced (stones). Locally crafted by hand from recycled gold.

  • Solid 14k gold, two-tone necklace, Yellow and White gold.
  • 8 brilliant .01 white diamonds, bezel-set .08 ct. total.
  • 16 inch solid 14k yellow gold chain.
  • Pendant measures nearly 1.5 inches in height.
  • 5mm perfect round natural white pearl, 6 prong-set.
  • Oval emerald, bezel-set.
  • Dangling tear shaped fiery opal, 3 prong-set.
  • Hand made in NYC.
  • Born in Brooklyn.


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