Medium Lucky Pin Bracelet


Whether you believe in “Good Luck” safety pins and blessed, red Kabbalah strings, or you just like the way they look, this medium safety pin bracelet will not disappoint. Echoing vibes of a punk aesthetic, this safety pin bracelet is as much rebellious as it is on-trend, much like its smaller counterpart, “The Small Lucky Pin Bracelet.” Also hand-made of solid 14k gold, and adjustable to fit varying sizes, this bracelet is definitely a more substantial interpretation of its smaller version. Also, different from the smaller version, this medium sized bracelet measures 1. inch in length, features a larger diamond, has two 14k gold beads at the ends, and varies in bracelet style, where it has a woven, macrame back.  This functional bracelet (opens as a pin, just for fun) is great for stacking or wearing alone; it’s great for gift giving or keeping yourself, and it’s great for men and women. As far as children, I would definitely stick to the smaller piece.

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