Ring Of Fire



This badass ring is a perfect depiction of the natural flames and flow of  Fire, which is symbolic as one of the four elements that group the twelve zodiac signs; according to Western astrology. In classical thought, it was believed that the four elements make up the natural world. The elements are rooted in Buddhist belief and date back to The Medieval period. Specifically, the symbol of fire has creative and electrical properties, and it has the power to connect to that creative side in all of us, and ignite an electric spark within our selves…whether we recognize that energy within us or not…it is believed to be one of our driving forces. This ring is not only super cool but also a symbol of fire within us all, so get your spark on! Wear it as a ignitor of personal strength, power, and fortitude…because you are inextinguishable. This beautiful, solid 14 k. gold ring is cast from one single unit; it is strong, solid and complete. The band portion is original to Skyler Man and purposely distressed. While it portrays the flames of fire, it is modern and can be interpreted as abstract art; just a bunch of pretty, organic waves. Nestled within the flames are 4 black diamonds. There is a slight arch so that you can also stack this ring with others, but its not necessary as it sits flawlessly and comfortably on your finger for everyday wear. Locally sourced (stones). Locally crafted by hand from recycled gold.

  • Solid 14k gold ring.
  • Available in Rose, Yellow or White Gold.
  • .04 ct. in Black Diamonds.
  • Signature, original and distressed Skyler Man band with nicks and grooves
  • Born in Brooklyn.
  • Handmade in NYC.