The Brass Knuckles Ring



The solid 14 k. gold The Brass Knuckles Ring features 4 delicate .02 ct. diamonds, set in bezels, and set standing up on the band instead of the usual look where they are laying flat. This unusual setting makes the ring looks like a stripe of gold when viewed from atop, and it’s shaped like brass knuckles when viewed horizontally. This ring looks like a dainty accent from one angle but reveals a sparkle of diamonds from another. Perfect for the cool girl who wants just a hint of bling from her ring. Very cool minimalist look when worn alone. Dainty enough to compliment all other rings. Comfortable enough to wear all the time. Although this ring has the “dainty look”, we used solid gold wire for the band that is extra thick, extra strong and extra hard, so that it does not easily bend or warp. Locally sourced (stones). Locally crafted by hand in NYC.

  • Solid 14 k. gold.
  • .08 ct. round white diamonds.
  • Available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold.
  • Born in Brooklyn.
  • Hand-made in NY.