The Cosmic Opal Ring



We love the beauty and versatility of opals and that’s why we use them so often. They are so radiant and their color can never be pinpointed or fixed in place; they are etherial, magical and dynamic. Opals are limitless in color and therefor boundless in possibilities. This ring captures the beauty, strength and power of the opal, while being¬† supported and empowered by the beauty of the golden dainty ring wire, which is also highlighted by a single white diamond. While this ring, in conception, is simple and classic, it is the lack of symmetry, in both the placement of the stones and the combination of the stones, which makes this ring a unique and modern interpretation of a classic beauty. The beauty of the lustrous opal, supported by the brilliance of the white diamond, in all its dainty splendor, makes this dainty ring an eternal wardrobe staple. This ring was inspired by fluid movement and magnetic attraction of our solar system, with its beautiful, asymmetrical perfection; the shapes and colors of the stones were also chosen to reflect this notion. This solid 14k gold ring is adorned by an oval shaped boulder opal, and a .04 ct. white diamond. The gold wire that comprises this dainty ring, only appears to be delicate, because in actuality, we choose extra thick, extra hard, solid 14k gold, to hand-craft this ring, making it sturdy and lasting, unlike other dainty rings on the market which tend to bend with fragility. Available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold. Locally crafted from recycled gold. Locally sourced.

  • 14k. solid gold ring.
  • Oval Boulder Opal.
  • .03 ct. white diamond.
  • Available in White, Yellow or Rose Gold.
  • Made in NYC.
  • Born in Brooklyn.