The Kings Earrings

The Kings Earrings



Nothing makes you feel fiercer than lion jewels. Lion motifs have been used for centuries, symbolic of many positive virtues, from strength; fortitude; courage; confidence; firmness; triumph, etc. Often used in the past by rulers and monarchs, the lion symbolizes authority, strength and command. Today, wearing a lion symbol is the ultimate cool since it’s an androgynous symbols which glamorizes the look of anyone, enforcing a solid presence that says “I have arrived”.

Our beautiful solid 14 k. gold lion earrings are fierce in expression but gentle in their beautiful details, lending a chic opulence and a delicate presence to a heroic and forceful symbol. The attention to detail in our The Kings Earrings, like the texture and the diamonds in the eyes and the mouth, make these earrings a perfect to celebrate any occasion or perfect any outfit. Shown with black diamonds but also available with white diamonds. These earrings will definitely make you proud. Locally sourced (stones). Locally crafted by hand in NYC.

  • Solid 14 k. gold earrings.

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