The Mercury Ring



The “symbol of Mercury”, is arguably one of the coolest looking symbols. It also offers us a look into Mercury’s personality and what it represents. The crescent opening pointing upward is implicit of open-mindedness and receptiveness. Mercury is considered to be the planet of new ideas, free thinking, and intellect. The circle part of the mercury is symbolic of the sun or the Earth, and encapsulates “whole concepts”. The bottom cross of the Mercury symbol is the solidification of thought, bringing concept of thought to actuality and the material world. This symbol unites the metaphysical with the physical world, bringing substance to thought and concept to reality…this is the symbol we all want to be. In Greek mythology, the planet of Mercury is symbolically represented by Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In relation to our personalities and transitioning to modern day, Mercury represents our ideas, our intellect, and the way we relate and communicate with one another…it is the best of what we aspire to be as human beings,; not just how we “are”, but how we “project”.

Whether you are inspired by symbolism or you think this symbol is just really cool, this ring is perfect. Our version of the Mercury symbol lends some personality to the classic version. A unique version, created of solid 14k gold, our Mercury looks as if he has horns, which are hand set with diamonds. The “face” is set with a lustrous opal, and the body is set with a diamond center. The band is organically wavy, to mimic the free-flow form of nature and the wave of thoughts. Even the Mercury is purposely imperfect, as we wanted to mimic the elegance of nature, and the beauty of nonconformity. Available in White, Yellow, or Rose Gold.¬†Hand-made of recycled gold. Locally crafted. Locally sourced (stones).

  • Solid 14 k. gold ring.
  • Center Opal .25 ct. (8mm). Center stone can be changed upon request.
  • 3 diamonds, .01 ct. each (total .03ct.)
  • Mercury measures 1/2 inch in height.
  • Available in White, Yellow or Rose Gold.
  • Born in Brooklyn.
  • Locally crafted in NYC.