IBK Industrial Bank’s 2022-2023 season was full of regrets. The season started with unstable performances, and injuries to key players continued. Nevertheless, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea was able to continue competing for spring volleyball until the end of the season, thanks to the vote. Celebrating his 13th year in the league, Pyo Seung-joo had a career high season and performed tremendously on both sides of the offense and defense without injury. From the story of a career high season to how I started playing volleyball, a cheering song, and the time to look back at the 2018 Pyo Seung-ju. After 4 years and 5 months, I talked to Pyo Seung-joo, who I met with <The Spike>.

“I’m sorry about the losing game. If only I had won a few more games at the beginning of the season… I’m left with regret.”
Q. First, let’s talk about this season. I spent my first off-season with coach Kim Ho-chul. How did you spend your off-season with the coach?
When I first built my body with the director, I went to many mountains. After ball training started, I went to the national team, so I couldn’t spend much time with him. It seems that we did a lot of physical exercise together.

Q. As you said, you participated in the 2022 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) World Championship during the off-season. I was disappointed with the grades, but it must have been a valuable experience. What kind of time was it?
I felt that world-class players do better than I thought. It was difficult because it was a tournament where I had to go through a lot of difficulties, but I also thought that I could do better if I put in a little more effort.

Q. In the 3rd set against Croatia, where Korea won their first victory, you scored a decisive serve to end the set. If you could tell me about the situation and emotions at that time.
I don’t think I could show a good performance at the world championships. It was difficult in many ways. At that time, I entered as a substitute, so I wanted to help the team somehow. I entered the server at an important point, but even after the score came out, I felt dazed. I was happy to win.

Q. The beginning of the 2022-2023 season after returning home was not smooth. We started the first round with 2 wins and 4 losses. I wonder what part was difficult and whether there were any after-effects of the international competition.
First of all, the international competition and the V-League were different, and my physical condition was not perfect. While I was on the national team, I was under a lot of stress from receiving and defending, so there was a part of me that was uneasy. So, the receiving efficiency was not good at the beginning of the league, but it got better as we played games. It was also regrettable that I couldn’t coordinate with my teammates much.

Q. During the Korea Expressway Corporation match on December 16 last year, cramps in the leg muscles came up during the rally, and you were replaced during the 4th set. At that time, the earnest expression he showed in the warm-up zone was a hot topic.
It was the first time I had leg cramps while playing volleyball. It was embarrassing. Every game was an important time, and it was a game that we could win enough. I could run if I was forced to, but I wasn’t in a condition that would help me get into the game. I felt like I would have constant cramps if I moved. In the 5th set, the coach asked if I could do it, and I said I could, but it didn’t help. I was so upset watching the game in the warm-up zone, and I felt sorry for myself.

Q. IBK Industrial Bank was shaken with a record of 7-11 in the first half, but both performance and performance improved in the second half. What was the improvement compared to the first half?
In the first half, receiving was unstable, and the striker and setter’s coordination was not perfect. In the second half, unlike Shin Yeon-kyung (Santana), he helped us a lot in receiving, and as our receiving improved, we were able to show a variety of plays. Defensively, a lot has improved. I think that’s when I started to see the closeness of our team.

Q. Nevertheless, it is regrettable to advance to spring volleyball, but it has been postponed to the next opportunity. Looking back, what was the most regrettable moment?
I’m sorry about all the lost games. If we had won just a few more games at the beginning of the season, we would have been in a situation where we would not have known what would happen by the end. Even now, the difference between 3rd and 4th place is not that big. I have regrets. (Shin) Yeonkyung was injured during the period, which is very regrettable.

Q. There were many difficult moments, but it was also a season where I recorded results close to career highs for Pyo Seung-ju as an individual. If you were to give yourself a score, what season would you give it?
50 points? I didn’t know I could score so many goals myself, and I thought, ‘I’m a player who can do this.’ However, even though it was a career high, I think there were many things that were lacking. When people are satisfied, there is no expectation for the next time. I’m not satisfied while playing volleyball, but I want to show you how to improve even a little by supplementing the parts that are lacking until the end.

“Do you feel like you’re more like an older sister now? I’ve accumulated a lot of experience, so I have more stories to tell.”
Q. From now on, I’m going to take the time to look back at the interview from 4 years and 5 months ago. At that time, I was a member of GS Caltex, and I told the story about Lee So-young and Kang So-hui, junior players in the same position. Please tell us about the junior players in the same position on your current team.
Our team’s junior outside hitters didn’t play much. Still, if you watch them, they practice really hard, and they are players who always work hard. The strength of those players is that they can play with spirit when they enter the court, but I feel sorry that they do not receive many opportunities. Those players will be very disappointed.

Q. Even though you were 27 at the time, you said that you were the third older sister on the team, but unfortunately, you are also the third older sister on the team. If you compare the atmosphere of the team then and now.
At GS Caltex, the players are all very young, so there was no special distinction between older and younger siblings. Now that I’m older than I was back then, the age gap with the younger players has gotten bigger. Those parts are a little different. Do you feel like you’re more like an older sister now? At that time, even though I was the third older sister, I was still young. Since we were all young, it was easier to get along. Even now, I joke a lot with the young players and try to treat them comfortably, but in terms of volleyball, I give them a lot of prickly advice. I have a lot more experience than I did back then, so I have more stories to tell.

Q. At the time, you said that you could rely on your two older sisters Na Hyeon-jeong and Kim Yu-ri.
(Kim) Suzy is very dependent on her older sister. When things go wrong during the game, Suzy unnie is by her side and tells her a lot, “Don’t be in a hurry, stay calm.” He also gives a lot of other advice. She is leaning a lot. (Kim) Heejin unnie is more like her friend than her older sister. She talks a lot, and she is comfortable.

Q. Director Cha Sang-hyun said, “Except for sports, he treats the players comfortably. It’s like a neighborhood uncle,” he explained. How would you describe director Kim Ho-cheol in one word?
The coach is really passionate about volleyball. He is exactly what he looks like when he works out and when he competes. He loves volleyball so much. (What kind of person are you when you’re not playing volleyball?) Get along well with us, play a lot. I think he makes me feel comfortable when I’m not exercising.

Q. In the interview at the time, you told me a lot about love and marriage. “I want to get married in a year. I want someone who is taller than me, who can look after me and understand me. It’s good if you have a good personality.” Looking back now that you got married, do you think that wish came true?
(Laughs) I think a lot has been done. At that time, why did you talk about it so much (laughs)? It’s embarrassing. I think I met the person I was looking for.

Q. You also said, “Since I am a person who wants to be understood, I wonder if I can live my life understanding my husband a lot.” Do you understand your husband a lot?
Rather, I think I get more understanding (laughs). I don’t think we were very understanding at first, but as we lived together, our understanding of each other grew. I think I met the right person for me!

Q. In this way, you briefly looked back on your story from 4 years and 5 months ago. How was it?
Talking about sports isn’t much different from now, so I wonder why we talk about marriage and dating so much. It’s embarrassing (laughs).

“I thought dodgeball was volleyball when I started playing volleyball.”
Q. From now on, let’s talk a little bit about Pyo Seung-ju’s volleyball. I’m curious about how you started playing volleyball in the first place.
This is a bit embarrassing, but when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, I received a newsletter from the family saying that the volleyball team would be founded, and I was a little chubby at that time. I started playing volleyball, saying, “Mom, should I play volleyball so that I can go on a diet?” At that time, when I went, they gave me snacks and gave me dodgeball, so I said, “Wow, volleyball is fun! It’s so good~” and fell in love with it. I played like that for a semester, but I started playing volleyball in earnest from the 5th grade. It was the most intense time in my life (laughs). I learned really hard. To the point where I wonder if I can do it again. Anyway, when I started playing volleyball, I thought dodgeball was volleyball (laughs).

Q. Pyo Seung-joo, who was a graduate of Hanil Jeonsan Girls’ High School (currently Hanbom High School), a prestigious volleyball player, will be nominated by Korea Expressway Corporation as the first in the first round of the 2010-2011 rookie draft after the special nomination order of IBK Industrial Bank, which was a new team at the time, was over. . How did you feel at the time?
I was worried because I thought, “All my friends go there (IBK Industrial Bank), but I go here (Korea Expressway Corporation).” If I go to Korea Expressway Corporation, I thought that it would not be easy because there would be many unnies and all my friends had gone elsewhere, so I would be alone.

Q. However, from his first season, he won the Rookie of the Year award and quickly adapted to the professional stage. I wonder what his first season in the pro was like and did you anticipate winning the Rookie of the Year award?
The first season was really not easy. It felt really different from when I was in high school. At that time, I was given more opportunities than I thought, and I was lucky. It would have been difficult to receive the rookie award if there were all of the motives, but there weren’t many rookies as IBK Industrial Bank’s joining the league was delayed for a year.

Q. In the meantime, ahead of the opening of the 2014-2015 season, Daeyoung Jeong wore a GS Caltex uniform as a reward player. How did you feel when you were selected as a reward player?
I’ve gotten used to the team now, but it wasn’t easy to have to change teams. So when I first heard the story, I cried. I was young and had to go through a lot of changes in many ways, so it seemed like it would be difficult. But in the end, I think I grew more through that transfer. I thought a lot that if I fell behind here, it was really the end, so I practiced harder after the transfer.

Q. Speaking of Pyo Seung-ju, you can’t leave out your performance in the national team. He is also a member of the semifinals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and he stepped on the court when he won his first victory at the 2022 FIVB World Championships. What does national team mean to you?
I don’t know how to describe it, but I think it’s a good experience. Even when I went to the semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics, I received a lot of congratulations and attention. It was to the point where I wanted to overdo it. I think it’s an honorable position.

Q. If you were selected for the national team again after this season, what would you like to show?
I want to show a better image than at the last world championship. At that time, there were many disappointing parts. I want to show you a better image and a more viable image (Pyo Seung-ju was included in the Volleyball Nations League strengthening training list announced on the 10th).

“The players of the opposing team said that my cheering song always lingers in their ears after the game in Mars. I thought it was a successful cheerleader.”

Q. Now, let’s talk about things outside of volleyball. First of all, I’m curious about the MBTI. Does it fit your description?
I’m an ESFJ, and I think that’s right. We don’t have a few E’s on our team. But my colleagues told me that E is certain. Yeonkyung and her unnie just said E. She has a bit of timidity, so I thought it was like I, not E, so she retested it a few times, and it always came out E (laughs).

Q. Who is your current roommate?
I am writing alone now. When I have a roommate, I commute to and from work, so there are times when my roommate is taking a nap while I am on my way to work. I don’t have that when I’m alone, so it’s nice to be able to live my life the way I want. (If you were to have a roommate again, who would you share with?) Hmmm… I would rather stay alone (laughs).

Q. Who do you spend the most time with on your team?
Shin Yeon-kyung. You two drink a lot of coffee. We chat a lot and joke a lot. When I’m in a bad mood, Yeonkyung keeps buying me delicious things, and that makes me feel better.

Q. Players who are the same age as you are now starting to play on the professional stage. Are there any difficulties in communicating with young players?
Do you think juniors will find difficult things difficult? In fact, I realized a week or two ago that players of the same age were entering the pros. (Kim) I talked about this and that with Yunwoo, and the topic of belts came up. But Yunwu says he is also a monkey. I remember being surprised to find out that he was the same age as me. I deliberately try to play pranks on my juniors, but they might feel uncomfortable (laughs). Anyway, I was very surprised.

Q. The cheering song ‘Chi-rin-chi-rin Secret Jouju’ opening is a specialty of Mars. I wonder if you are satisfied and will continue to use it for a while.
I am quite satisfied (laughs). I chose it because my nephew really likes it, but after this season is over, I’m thinking of asking him if he has any other songs he likes. Players from the opposing team said that my cheering song always lingers in their ears after the game in Mars (laughs). I thought about half of them were successful supporters.

* Pyosungism balance game!
Q1. What if you go on a 3-day, 2-night trip with one of your older sisters? Suji Kim VS Heejin Kim -> Suzy sister. Suzy unnie looks very cold, but she is the type to listen when you talk to her from the side. I think she will be able to travel more fun and comfortable. If she goes with Heejin, I think the two of them will fight a lot. If you go with her sister Susie, it will be carefree and fun.메이저사이트

Q2. Which of the following operations would you prefer to avoid? Director Kim Ho-cheol’s operation time, who was extremely excited VS Cesar’s operation time without an interpreter -> (After thinking about it for a while) Director Cesar (laughs). I don’t think I understand what you’re saying at all. When director Kim Ho-cheol talks, I can tell exactly where he got angry. Also, just because the coach is very angry, he doesn’t scare the players during operation time. He’s just making you feel like you need to come to your senses!

Q3. What if you must do one of the two? Following a different hairstyle for a month VS Eating alone with the director for a month -> I like my hair differently (laughs). I really want to do that hair. I always tell Dali about it. It’s absolutely not because I don’t want to eat with the director (laughs). I used to shoot club content at the dorm, but I also talked about wanting to do my hair differently.

Q. Lastly, please say hello to the fans who support IBK Industrial Bank and Pyo Seung-ju!
Only the last match remains. Whether home or away, a lot of people came to cheer us on, which gave us a lot of strength. I hope you will cheer me on until the end. We know very well that Mars has bad transportation. Thank you so much for coming to support us. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get the grades I received the support for. I will show you a better image next year. Please come to the stadium more. thank you!

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