Sergio Ramos (37, PSG), once renowned as the world’s best defender, is more likely to burn the last spark in Saudi Arabia.

Spain’s Todo Pichais reported on the 12th that “Paris Saint-Germain and former Spanish national team defender Ramos has received an offer from Saudi Arabia’s prestigious Al Nasr.”

Al-Nasr is attracting great attention with the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo (38) in January this year. In order to further strengthen the team, they are seeking to recruit another world-class player. Ramos was knocked out. 토토사이트

Ramos’ contract with PSG ends after this season. According to the media, Al Nasr offered him an annual salary of 30 million euros (43.3 billion won) and a two-year contract.

In principle, American Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter Miami had an advantage in signing Ramos, but he changed his mind at Saudi Arabia’s proposal. It has been reported that he has already ‘agreed with Al Nasr and will sign the best contract of his career’.

In the meantime, the story that Ramos’ transfer will be reviewed as an option if the renewal contract with PSG fails, but this Al Nasr’s high-amount salary is definitely attractive. Attention is focusing on whether Ramos will reunite with Ronaldo, who ate a pot of rice at Real Madrid until 2018, after five years.

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