Inha University is back in first place.

Inha University reclaimed the top spot with a 3-1 (22-25, 25-13, 25-19, 25-20) set win over Sungkyunkwan University in a qualifying match for the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League at Inha University Gymnasium in Incheon on 7 July.

Lee Jae-hyun (sophomore, OH, 188 cm) had 19 kills, Kim Min-hyuk (sophomore, OP, 191 cm) 13 kills and Seo Hyun-il (sophomore, OH, 188 cm) 11 kills to lead an evenly matched trio. In addition, they led in both serving (9-4) and blocking (7-4) to secure the match.먹튀검증

Meanwhile, Sungkyunkwan University lost the first set despite 11 points from Kim Jae-min (sophomore, OP, 190cm) and 10 points from Kwon Tae-wook (junior, OH, 189cm).

Both teams were focused and exchanged points from the start of the first set, but Inha University was more sophisticated in their breathing. Every time Sungkyunkwan University made an unforced error, Inha took advantage of the gap and gradually widened the gap.

Sungkyunkwan regained the momentum with their serve. Bae Ha-joon (4th year, MB, 198cm) shook up Inha University’s reception and scored back-to-back points to take the lead. Kim Jae-min once again shook up the reception to extend the lead to 13-11, forcing a Inha University timeout.

The two-point gap was not easily closed. Sungkyunkwan University’s serve went in effectively one after another, harassing Inha University’s reception. This, coupled with an attack error by Lee, allowed Sungkyunkwan to pull further away at 19-16.

Inha University tried to break the atmosphere with a timeout, but it was not enough. Sungkyunkwan University scored a block to extend its lead to 21-16. Sungkyunkwan University, which did not lose the lead until the end, finished with an attacking score to win the first set.

The substitutions paid off for Inha University in the second set. With Choi Yeo-seom (Sophomore, OH, 190cm) looking shaky, the team replaced her with Lee Jae-hyun early in the set. Once the reception settled down, Inha’s offence came alive and they took the lead.

Once the offence got going, things started to fall into place. A block on the serve gave Inha University a big lead at 12-4. Sungkyunkwan University managed to break Seo Hyun-il’s long serve with a block, but they were out of breath and collapsed.

The gap widened towards the end of the set, and Inha University took the second set 25-13 to level the match. Substitute Lee Jae-hyun played a big role in the set, scoring nine points.

Inha-dae carried the momentum of the previous set into the third set. They played with the same line-up that brought them the second set and maintained their performance. Meanwhile, Sungkyunkwan University made one unforced error after another, giving Inha University a chance to score.

At the beginning of the set, the gap created by Inha University was not easily closed. The one-two punch of Kim Min-hyuk and Lee Jae-hyun scored four points each, and Sungkyunkwan University committed 11 unforced errors to take the third set.

The fourth set unfolded in a different way. This time, Sungkyunkwan University took control. They took advantage of Inha University’s hiccups with errors and took the lead in the score.

Inha didn’t back down easily either, as they used their height to tie the score and then went back and forth for a point. Inha scored back-to-back points on Seo Hyun-il’s serve to take a 17-15 lead and set the tone for the rest of the game. The gap widened towards the end, and Inha eventually reached match point at 24-20. Lee Jae-hyun scored the final point to seal the match for Inha University.

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