Even if Kylian Mbappe returns and Ousmane Dembele joins, Lee Kang-in is expected to keep his starting position.먹튀검증

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will play the second round of the French Ligue 1 in the 2023-24 season with Toulouse FC at the Stadium de Toulouse in Toulouse, France at 4 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 20th. PSG drew 0-0 with Lorient in the first round. Toulouse recorded a 2-1 come-from-behind victory against Nantes.

From the end of the match against Lorient until the match against Nantes, many things happened to PSG. First, Neymar left. Even during the match against Lorient, Neymar was not included in the PSG call-up list due to the aftermath of the transfer request. Neymar wore a PSG uniform in 2017 for 222 million euros (approximately 318.6 billion won), the highest transfer fee in football history. It is a record that cannot be broken even now when the transfer market is extremely overheated. Neymar, who came to PSG with the highest transfer fee of all time, played for six years and performed somewhat less than expected.

He was the best every time he came out, but he suffered from intensive checks and was frequently injured from rough tackles. Injured at every crucial moment, PSG fans voiced their criticism. In every transfer market, rumors of a transfer to Barcelona were discussed, drawing further criticism. After re-signing with PSG, he was quiet. He made us look forward to his performance next season as he digested the preseason this summer.

Lee Kang-in, who joined the summer transfer market, showed a special chemistry. He was looking forward to his performance in the upcoming season, but he requested a transfer and went to Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. On the 16th, PSG said, “Neymar enthralled PSG fans at the Parc des Princes. During that time, Neymar also entered the history of the Brazilian national team. He scored 77 goals in 124 matches, sharing the top scorer with Pele.” said goodbye to

And Mbappe is back. Mbappe had been at PSG all along, and was relegated to the 2nd group in conflict with the club. The reason was the refusal to renew the contract. Mbappe re-signed with PSG last summer. It was a 2+1 year contract. It was a two-year contract with an option to extend it for another year. Now, a year later, the terms of the extension contract until July 31, 2023 must be triggered by Mbafe, so that the contract period will increase from June 2025 to June 2026. Already past the deadline, Mbappe did not trigger the terms of the extension contract.

Chairman Nasser al-Khelaifi said: “My position is clear. I don’t want to repeat the same thing. Mbappe has to sign a new contract if he wants to stay. We want him to stay. Let the best player in the world go for free. I don’t want to. I will never let them go for free. It’s a very clear situation,” he said, pressuring Mbappe. Mbappe was consistent with no response. Outraged, PSG removed Mbappe from the Asian Tour roster. While PSG toured Japan and South Korea, Mbappe stayed in Paris. His contract extension is available until July 31, so PSG waited, but there was no reply either. As the deadline passed, Mbappe will remain at PSG until June 2024, as per the term of his existing contract.

PSG classified Mbappe as a resource other than power. They treated Mbappe the same way as players who had already lost their trust, such as Julian Draxler and Georginio Wijnaldum. When the season started, news followed that he would be removed from the squad and would not be included in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) roster. Mbappe could throw away season 1, but he was silent. Currently, Mbappe has been relegated to the 2nd group and, of course, was completely excluded from the list for the Lorient match. If the current atmosphere continued, it was predicted that I would not be able to continue running in the future.

then made a comeback PSG said on the club’s official website on the 13th, “Mbappe has rejoined first-team training. Before the match against Lorient, PSG and Mbappe had very constructive and positive discussions before returning to first-team training.” officially announced. Mbappe returned with a smile, and Lee Kang-in and other PSG colleagues welcomed him with Indian rice.

And Dembele joined in earnest. Dembele was called the next superstar when he was young. He was renowned as a two-footed winger and earned praise for his stellar performances at Stade Rennes and Dortmund. He went to Barcelona with high expectations. The transfer fee alone was a whopping 135 million euros (approximately 190 billion won). As a result, many say that he is not worth the money in Barcelona. Injuries were too frequent.

It was difficult to maintain his skills due to poor physical management, and along with the number of appearances, the number of attack points decreased, and the trust of the fans decreased. He was embroiled in various rumors and the possibility of a transfer was raised, but he remained at Barcelona. The performance has improved since coach Xabi Hernandez came, but there are still many injuries and it does not meet expectations. The frequency of injuries was still powerful when it came out.

PSG, which was disappointing in attack power, succeeded in strengthening the attack by recruiting Dembele. In the first round against Lorient, Dembele, who watched from the stands with Mbappe, participated in training and joined the call list announced ahead of the Nantes match. Dembele’s main position is right winger. He can play on the left but has Mbappe. It seemed likely that the left and right lines of Mbappe and Dembele would be activated. This meant that there would be no starting spot for Lee Kang-in to play.

Reporter Fabrice Hawkins of France’s ‘RMC Sports’ had a different idea. Reporter Hawkins put Lee Kang-in on the starting list along with Mbappe and Dembele. Lee Kang-in was in the midfield, not the right winger. He formed the midfield alongside Warren Zaire-Emery and Manuel Ugarte. Mbappe, Dembele and Goncalo Hamus formed the attacking line. Luca Hernandez, Milan Sckriniar, Marquinhos, and Ashraf Hakimi were named for the defense, and Gianluigi Donnarumma was expected to guard the goal.

The possibility of using Lee Kang-in as a midfielder had been talked about for a long time. France’s ‘L’Equipe’ said on the 15th, “PSG sent Leandro Paredes and Renato Sanchez to AS Roma. PSG wants a player who will add creativity to the midfield, but it is difficult to recruit Bernardo Silva. PSG is technically good in midfield. They want a player to connect with. Apart from signing a striker, Silva is the versatile player Luis Enrique wants, but Pep Guardiola wants to renew his contract. PSG will have to pay the price if they can’t sign a creative player while missing targets. “he said.

“Lee Kang-in was only used as a winger from the time he was recruited. However, since he has already played as a central midfielder in Mallorca, he can be an option for the position PSG wants. High. He is active, has good breathing, and did well when placed in the center. Lee Kang-in has to show more to make Neymar forget.”

Lee Kang-in showed a good performance against Lorient even though the team drew. Lee Kang-in has 85 ball touches, 3 shots, 1 key pass, 88% pass success rate, 2 successful dribbles, 2 successful crosses (12 attempts), 3 successful long passes (5 attempts), and 3 recoveries. recorded etc. The soccer statistics media ‘Sofa Score’ gave Lee Kang-in a rating of 7.4. ‘Foot Mob’ gave 7.2 points. It was the highest among Hamus and Asensio, who formed the attacking team together. After the match, the Ligue 1 secretariat congratulated him. “Hamus, who was recruited from Benfica, led the attack with the support of fellow freshmen Asensio and Lee Kang-in. This is another reason why Lee Kang-in is likely to start even if Mbappe returns and Dembele comes.

The idea of ​​’90min’ in the UK was different. “Mbappe has come back and is likely to start. In the last game many freshmen made their official debuts, but the game didn’t go as planned. So there will be a lot of changes. Juan Bernat, Presnel Kimpembe, Nuno Mendes. , Nordi Mukiele, and Sergio Rico are injured,” and removed Lee Kang-in from the starting list.Instead of Lee Kang-in, Vitinya was in midfield. The right winger was not Lee Kang-in or Dembele, but Marco Asensio. To summarize, Mbappe, Hamus, and Asensio were in the attacking line, and Zaire-Emery, Ugarte, and Vitinha were the midfield members. With the prospects mixed, attention is focused on whether Lee Kang-in will be selected and whether coach Luis Enrique will be selected.

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