ROAD FC Park Jung-eun and Kim Yoo-jung will play against Korea and Japan at DEEP JEWELS 41.

On the 28th, ‘Monster Wolf’ Park Jung-eun (27, Team Strong Wolf) and Kim Yoo-jung (24, Team Genius) will participate in DEEP JEWELS 41 held at New Pier Hall in Tokyo, Japan to promote the strength of Korea.

Park Jeong-eun’s opponent is Moeri Suda (19). Moeri is a ground strongman who knocked down opponents by grappling in 4 out of 8 wins. Since he has shown compliance not only on the ground but also in hitting, attention is focused on what kind of game management Park Jeong-eun will show.

Park Jung-eun, who twice challenged for the Road FC atomweight throne, has captured the hearts of martial arts fans with her strong blows. In ROAD FC 061, he proved his strength once again by beating Hong Yun-ha (34, Songtan MMA), the ‘villain of the cage’. 안전놀이터

Park Jung-eun is preparing thoroughly for her first trip to Japan in about four years. In addition, it is expected that hot matches will unfold at DEEP JEWELS 41, leaving with rookie Kim Yoo-jung, who is coming up with a terrifying momentum.

Kim Yoo-jung’s opponent is Fukuda Machi, who has solid skills. Machi has a fighting style in which he controls the game with his front foot and front hand and then unleashes the game on the ground. He also showed a strong appearance in hitting.

Kim Yoo-jung, heading off on her first trip to Japan, is sharpening her sword to achieve her fourth consecutive win. It is the time to look forward to what results Park Jung-eun and Kim Yoo-jung, who are considered the strongest road FCs, will return with.

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