The brackets for season 2 of ‘ROAD TO UFC’ have been confirmed. A total of 9 Korean fighters will participate.

UFC, the world’s best mixed martial arts organization, announced on the 10th the fight order for the 2nd Road to UFC Opening Round, which will be held on the 27th and 28th of this month at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai, China. Road to UFC is a program held by UFC to discover promising Asian martial arts. Tournament winners sign a formal contract with the UFC, and non-tournament winners, who are single-fights, get a chance to advance to the UFC if they put on an impressive performance.

This season, 7 Korean players will participate in the tournament. Lee Jeong-hyeon (20, 8 wins) and Choi Seung-guk (26, 6 wins, 2 losses) are flyweight, Lee Chang-ho (28, 7 wins, 1 loss) are bantamweight, Kim Sang-won (30, 9 wins, 1 draw, 5 losses) featherweight, Ki Bin Ki (32, 7 wins, 1 loss) 17 wins, 8 losses), Kim Sang-wook (29, 7 wins, 1 loss) and Hong Seong-chan (32, 9 wins, 1 loss) compete in the lightweight division and challenge to enter the UFC.스포츠토토

Yoo Sang-hoon (photo 33, 7 wins, 2 losses) of Team Mad in Busan will compete in a non-tournament match in the heavyweight class, welterweight. Kim Han-seul (32, 13 wins, 4 losses) will also participate in the welterweight non-tournament.

This tournament will be produced and broadcast live through Remote Integrated Model Production (REMI) at the UFC’s state-of-the-art Broadcasting Headquarters (BOC) in UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and will be held as the first related event.

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