Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son came on as a substitute again this time and contributed to the key goal and helped the team win.

But he didn’t even have enough time to play this time, as he came on as a substitute in the last two games in a row.


The national flag was flying all over Tottenham’s home stadium.

Numerous Korean fans came to the stadium, but Son Heung-min was again on the substitute list.

After greeting the young fans of Tottenham and giving strength to his best friend Kane, he headed to the bench.

Tottenham took the lead 19 seconds into the second half with Skip’s mid-range shot.

Son Heung-min stepped on the ground only in the 34th minute of the second half and made the result in 3 minutes.

A sharp corner kick went through Dyer’s header and headed for Kane’s wedge.

But that was all.

No more opportunity came while I was running for about 10 minutes in regular time.

The team beat Chelsea, which was in a slump, and kept 4th place with a winning streak, but Son Heung-min couldn’t laugh.

After giving a young fan a jersey as a surprise, he was the first Tottenham player to enter the locker room.

Son Heung-min came out as the third substitute this season, and his playing time is getting less and less and it is faltering.

He said against West Ham that he wasn’t happy after scoring a goal.

[Son Heung-min/Tottenham (last match against West Ham)]
“(How should the manager take this goal? ‘Don’t use it as a substitute again’ or ‘I’m good as a substitute’?) I’m not sure. It’s up to the manager to decide.”

First of all, Coach Stellini explained that it was because of the tight schedule of four games over the next ten days.

[Stellini/Tottenham Head Coach]
“Hischarlisson was in 100% condition, and Son Heung-min had a little problem. He needs time to recover from time to time for the next one.”

However, Hischarlisson, who started on behalf of Son Heung-min, is also scoreless in two consecutive starts and has not yet scored in the league.

This is Kim Tae-woon from MBC News.

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