The team is looking for a new destination for the player’s ‘Saengte’ with three years left on the contract, but no answer is coming out. Because the player only wants one place. However, the team the player wants to go to is not willing to pay the transfer fee generously.토토사이트

This is the story of Chelsea’s 103kg giant striker Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku, who took the European Championship qualifying round last month while wearing the armband as captain of the Belgian national team, should return to Chelsea on the 12th and 13th to train for the new season as planned. However, Lukaku has no intention of showing up at the training ground, and in the next few days he will be sent to Inter Milan, which he wants unconditionally at Chelsea.

Lukaku, who was kicked out of Manchester United, played for Inter Milan in 2019-2021, scoring 64 goals in 95 games, before re-entering the Premier League two years ago with Chelsea.

However, the report card for a year at Chelsea was disappointing with 15 goals in 44 games, and eventually went to Inter Milan as a rental status in the 2022/23 season as if being chased. In the Champions League final of the European Football Association (UEFA), he was at the center of the failure to win the championship due to a series of missteps, but he still spent a year well loved by fans at Inter Milan. Especially in Serie A, he scored 10 goals in 25 games, driving last-minute goals.

Chelsea is in a position to seek utilization again as Lukaku has survived anyway, or sell it to clubs that pay the right price. Italy’s most prestigious Juventus and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal appeared. Juventus is willing to pay some of the transfer fee of 40 million pounds (70 billion won) that Chelsea wants. If you go to Al-Hilal, Chelsea can get a bigger transfer fee, and Lukaku also has a huge amount in his hand.

However, as Lukaku’s mind is firm, it is a situation that only burns inside from Chelsea’s point of view.

According to the British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ on the 10th, it was revealed that Lukaku proposed to Chelsea and Inter Milan that he would cut his annual salary by 1 million pounds (1.8 billion won) in order to go to Inter Milan. He said that he would reduce the annual salary of 12 billion won to about 10 billion won, but it is doubtful whether this can be said to be sincere.

Inter Milan is still calculating the transfer fee in the 2023/24 season, with the intention of using Lukaku as his second loan. However, it is true that the combined option is about 35 million pounds, which is about 10 billion won short of the amount Chelsea wants.

It remains to be seen if Lukaku’s insistence on going to Inter Milan, rejecting the Middle East and even Milan’s rival AC Milan, will work. Lukaku is strong enough to threaten to visit the club accompanied by a lawyer if Chelsea does not comply with his demands.

When Chelsea brought Lukaku, it is known that the money paid to Inter Milan was 115 million euros (approximately 160 billion won). It is difficult to recover 40% of the original amount.

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