When Manny Machado of the San Diego Padres said he would exercise his right to ‘unconditionally’ opt out after this season, it is said that a subtle atmosphere flowed in the Arizona camp on the 22nd (Korean time), the first day of spring training. It is a view that the ‘pushing and pushing’ between the club and the players has begun in earnest.안전놀이터

Machado signed a 10-year, $300 million free agent contract with San Diego in February 2019, with a clause that could terminate the contract after five seasons. Opt-out is a right for a player to ‘pay the price’. If he doesn’t have confidence, he’s done. The fact that Machado announced his opt-out plan before the start of the season must mean that he is confident.

If Machado falls into a slump this season due to injury or unknown reasons, will he really opt out? Of course, I’m going to do something that didn’t happen, but it’s a bit ridiculous to withdraw your feet after shouting. In any case, Machado would confidently opt out if he showed only the average performance of the last four seasons.

What should be noted is the reaction of the San Diego club. San Diego is said to have offered Machado a five-year, $105 million contract around the 17th, which was set as the deadline for an extension contract. If the current contract expires at the end of 2028, it is a contract from 2029 to 2033, when Machado will be 41 years old. In fact, it was as if the club had asked for a ‘lifetime contract’.

However, Machado flatly refused. Then San Diego owner Peter Seidler immediately spoke about further negotiations with Machado, saying, “I don’t like to talk about hypothetical situations, whether it’s free agents or our players. But if you’re going to talk, Manny is my number one priority.” It is a declaration that he will catch Machado unconditionally, whether during the season or in the free agent market after the season.

General manager AJ Preller said: “Manny is always number 1 for me and our club. I will respect his wishes in negotiations. I also have a good relationship with his agent. Again, we are always open and clear in our communication. Manny is more If you ask me to talk, I will.” This means that it is up to Machado to decide whether or not to resume negotiations.

“Business is business, and there’s nothing against it,” said Machado. I will try to lead it to the World Series and step on it to the top.”

It is a situation where San Diego is being dragged around Machado in a low position. If Machado says he wants to leave, there is no way. Whether it is a free agent or a trade, you can find a replacement player, and if not, you can use all-weather infielder Kim Ha-seong as a third baseman.

The current situation of San Diego and Machado overlaps strangely with the situation of Aaron Judge ahead of free agency with the New York Yankees a year ago. The Yankees and Judge negotiated a contract extension during Spring Training at the time, but an agreement was not reached until the regular season opening day, which Judge set as the deadline. The terms offered by the Yankees were seven years and $213.5 million. The salary for 2022 is negotiated separately according to the annual salary adjustment procedure, and a seven-year contract from 2023 to 2029 is proposed.

It was not a bad condition for the judge, who was not sure about anything because it was before the season, receiving an annual average of more than 30 million dollars. But Judge refused. He was confident that he would be treated much better on the free agent market if he had a healthy season. It was kind of an adventure. The results were stellar. He set the record for the most times in a season in the American League and was named MVP. It was worth calling.

However, the Yankees did not respond after being denied a seven-year offer. It may have been because of an appointment with Judge, but during the season, he was not even contacted by a Jersey agent regarding his contract. The contact between the two sides was in the free agent market after the World Series last year. The Yankees’ owner, Hal Steinbrenner, went out to his first meeting and told him the rough terms and then said, “Look around the market and come.”

After contact with the San Francisco Giants and San Diego, Judge eventually returned to New York to sign for nine years and $360 million. In the case of San Francisco, the club’s CEO, general manager, and manager all came out to treat them warmly, and the conditions were the same as the Yankees. San Diego went one step further and offered 10 years and $400 million. But Judge chose the Yankees. In the process, the Yankees did not hang. It was the attitude of ‘we are the Yankees’.

Right now, San Diego may be one way to negotiate with Machado. It is now before the start of the season. If that’s the same attitude on the free agency market nine months later, that means Machado had a great season. But even if it were the other way around, Machado wouldn’t be clinging to San Diego. It’s okay if you don’t opt ​​out.

San Diego also offered an 11-year, $342 million offer to Trey Turner this offseason, but was rejected. Turner signed a lower 11-year, $300 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Is San Diego lacking the knack for dealing with the heavyweights or lack of charm in its players?

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