As the Seoul Metropolitan Government announces its plan to build a dome stadium, the professional baseball world is experiencing quite a few concerns먹튀검증.

On the 18th, the city of Seoul announced plans to build Jamsil Dome Stadium (tentative name).

This construction plan comes after Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who is currently on a business trip to North America, visited the Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada on the 16th and declared that he would build a state-of-the-art sports and exhibition convention facility, including a dome stadium, in the Jamsil area.

According to information announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government on this day, Jamsil Stadium will be demolished and a closed dome stadium will be built in its place. The total construction cost is approximately 500 billion won, and Seoul Smart MySpark Co., Ltd. (tentative name, lead manager Hanwha Co., Ltd.), the preferred negotiating party, is scheduled to take charge of the project. The stadium will be built with more than 30,000 seats capable of hosting international games, and various auxiliary facilities such as hotels and restaurants will be provided.

The goal is to build a state-of-the-art baseball stadium comparable to that of Major League Baseball (MLB).

The construction period is from January 2027 to the end of 2031. According to this plan, LG and Doosan, which use Jamsil Stadium as their home, will have to play their home games at Jamsil Stadium until the 2025 season and then play at the temporary stadium for a total of six seasons from the 2026 season to the 2031 season.

However, there is no alternative to this temporary stadium. LG and Doosan proposed that they would remodel Seoul’s Jamsil Main Stadium, located near Jamsil Stadium, to create a temporary stadium with a capacity of 20,000 seats. However, this is expected to be difficult as the city of Seoul cites stability issues.

In that case, we need to utilize the existing stadiums in the metropolitan area, but even this is not easy. First of all, LG and Doosan, which are based in Seoul, cannot move their locations.

In Seoul, in addition to Jamsil Stadium, there is Gocheok Sky Dome, Kiwoom’s home stadium, but it is known that it is not easy to provide a clubhouse that can be used by another team.

However, as Mokdong Stadium, previously used by Nexen (Kiwoom), is to be used as the home stadium for the two teams, opposition from nearby residents is expected to be strong. This is because Mokdong Stadium is adjacent to residential facilities, so there are lighting and noise problems.

First, LG, Doosan, and KBO plan to create a joint task force (TF) to respond. The two clubs and the KBO are in the position of saying, “We will find a solution through communication.”

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