Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has been named the recipient of the 2023 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.

Named after NBA 2nd Commissioner James Walter Kennedy, this award is given to a player who has made a lot of dedication and service to the community, and is awarded by the Professional Basketball Writers Association (hereinafter ‘PBWA’).

Curry received the award in recognition of his efforts to reduce illiteracy among children, improve physical fitness and nutrition, and promote gender equality in sports.

Curry, along with his wife, Ayesha, ‘Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation’ has been established and the business has been expanding every year. In particular, it focused on helping the underprivileged in the Oakland region, located on the east coast of San Francisco Bay in western California, USA, and helped a lot with the worsening diet and illiteracy problems after COVID-19.

PBWA is ‘Eat of Stephen & Ayesha Curry. Learn. Play. The Foundation’ has helped thousands of children in Auckland, built playgrounds across the city and provided meals for children while working to reduce illiteracy, it said.

The ‘Christmas with Curry’ event, which started as a food presentation event, celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and invited 500 families. She also hosted an event last summer to promote athletics and literacy by inviting over 1,000 children from various community groups to a Major League Baseball team’s Oakland Athletics game.토토사이트

Recognized for these activities, Curry was selected as the recipient of the Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, beating out Paul George (LA Clippers), Wenyan Gabriel (LA Lakers), and Grant Williams (Boston Celtics).

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