“Shinji (now) called me only twice. It’s been a while since I won the championship, but he called to congratulate me on winning the championship, and he said to come back because I’ve achieved everything there was to achieve there. is the last team anyway, so I think I will have a hard time when unnie comes…’ He blurted out whether to tell me to come or not. In the end, I really liked it when I decided to transfer… Shinji’s influence in my choice of Hana 1 Q There was a little bit.”

Kim Jong-un, who suddenly decided to return to his former team, Hana 1Q, said this while conveying his feelings about the transfer.

“A little? A little? No! They said that my influence was great! They said it through KakaoTalk!”

Shin Ji-hyun did not hide her joy at the news of Kim Jong-un’s return.

Hana 1 Q started off-season training in earnest from the 17th.

At the beginning of off-season training, the atmosphere of the players is generally less energetic than energetic. It is not much different from the atmosphere at work immediately after returning from vacation and the atmosphere at school immediately after school starts. Even in the training that is nothing special, the players’ faces show tiredness.

The same goes for Shin Ji-hyun. Shin Ji-hyun’s appearance in the early days of off-season training, which I watched for nearly 10 years, was more quiet than lively.

But he was different this time. The smile did not leave his face.

“Am I bright? Now? Why? I don’t know. Has it been like this since yesterday? No, I think it’s been like that since the beginning of training?”

Even during the interview, excitement was conveyed.

He said, “I had a clue about Kim Jong-un’s phone call. I don’t know why from last year, but I thought that my sister would come back. I’ve already imagined a lot about what will happen when my sister comes back. Personally, I traveled to the United States during the vacation period after the season, I got sick. I was very sick after coming back. So I couldn’t afford to send congratulations to (Kim Jong-un) sister right away. If I send it at the same timing anyway, it won’t remain in my memory, so I sent it after a while.”

Shin Ji-hyun is also a junior who has affection for Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un, who had kept Shinsegae and Hana 1Q’s early days as a ‘girl head’ in the past, dreamed of a bright future for the team along with Kang I-seul (KB), Kim I-seul (retired), and Shin Ji-hyun, who were growing into promising players.

Even after moving to Woori Bank, my feelings for them continued. In particular, while looking at Shin Ji-hyun at a time when he was unable to recover his skills due to frequent injuries, he expressed his faith, saying, “It just takes time, and he will definitely succeed.”

Regarding Shin Ji-hyeon, Kim Jong-un said, “Don’t be fooled by the looks. God, there is no child that strong. I was very surprised while rehabilitating together. I struggled so much that I thought I would have given up if I was in Shinji’s position. I made it. I will definitely succeed. Such children should succeed,” he emphasized.

Shin Ji-hyun said, “I was driving, but I thought of my sister again, so I called again. I told her honestly. She said she would not lie, thought the worst, and told her to come if she thought she would have no regrets. During the season, she lost too much. It’s really hard for Bonnie, so I’m sorry to just ask you to come, but since you won the championship and achieved a lot of things you wanted, I said it would be nice if you could focus on reaping the beauty of the end.”

‘It’s hard to lose’ is a concern Kim Jong-un has expressed several times in the past.

Before moving to Woori Bank in the past, Kim Jong-un said, “I really like basketball, but it’s really torture to play in the garbage season after being eliminated from the playoffs. The road to the gym is so scary and painful. There is,” he said, referring to his hard heart.

What Kim Jong-un felt in the past, Shin Ji-hyun felt now.

Kim said, “I was honestly surprised to see HanawonQ’s win last year. After the meeting, I asked Shin Ji-hyeon and Yang In-young at a meal, saying, “Shouldn’t we somehow achieve a double-digit victory next season? I think it put pressure on me.”

Shin Ji-hyun said, “My sister’s return is another motivation for me. The team situation is difficult, and I thought that aiming for more than now is realistically vague. Making a choice motivates me to work out even harder.”

Unlike Woori Bank, most of Hana 1Q’s players are young. Kim Jong-un, who was born in 1987, and Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-yeong, who are the closest in age, were born in 1995. After deciding to transfer, Kim Jong-un laughed, saying, “Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young should be really nice to me.”

Shin Ji-hyun assured, “I really want to tell her sister not to worry about that part. I will not leave her alone.” Even so, she responded that it was not a big deal, saying, “She is not at her dorm anyway, and she will be commuting.”

However, in one place in my happy heart, there was also a feeling of regret for someone who had to leave the team as a reward player. 안전놀이터

Shin Ji-hyun said, “It’s really good, but I can’t show myself as good as I can. One of my younger siblings has to leave the team as a reward player. I don’t want to lose anyone. Although it’s greedy to not lose anything as a player the size of an older sister comes to the team, But just thinking about it makes my heart ache.”

He said, “Honestly, I wish Woori Bank would choose compensation money instead of players. Woori Bank has won many championships and achieved many things. “He expressed his upset heart.

Shin Ji-hyun said, “The number of wins my sister said was actually my goal last season. As a result, I was short of a lot, but I don’t think it was impossible at all. Next season, (Park) Ji-soo will return to KB, and injured players will also return to Samsung Life. The competition may be more difficult than this year. What can we do, though? As our opponent improves, we also improve, so we have to try.”

In addition, “Personally, I was fine at the beginning of last year’s season, but I lost my balance after the injury and couldn’t recover properly after returning. When I played 2-2, the opponent unconditionally defended the switch, so there were difficulties, but (Kim) Jeong-eun will be better when unnie comes. I think I can do it. Personally, I plan to prepare better.”

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