Han Jin-seon (26), who debuted on the KLPGA tour in 2018, was ranked second in the rookie of the year. In 2018, he showed top-notch performance, entering the top 5 10 times in 6 seasons, including taking runner-up twice. However, because he did not win, he was not recognized as a strong player on the tour.토토사이트

August of last year. Entering the 6th year of his tour debut, Han Jin-sun finally lifted the long-awaited championship trophy. She won the High1 Resort Women’s Open after 131 matches of her debut and came to be recognized as a strong player on the tour.

Han Jin-sun, who won the championship six years after her debut, took the lead with two ‘Shot Eagles’ this time, and rose to the top of the two wins in one year. She successfully defended her title at the High1 Resort Women’s Open, where she won her first title last year, and won her second straight title.

The 4th round on the last day of the tournament held at High1 Country Club (par 72) in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do on the 20th. Han Jin-sun, who entered the game on the final day in a tie for third place, two strokes behind the leader, tied two eagles and three birdies to win with a total of 14 under par and 275 strokes by hitting 7-under-par 65. The 14 under par is a new record that broke the tournament’s minimum stroke (13 under par) set by Lim Hee-jung in 2019 by one stroke.

Successful title defense in this tournament is the second after Lim Hee-jeong in 2019 and 2021 (the 2020 tournament was not held due to the spread of Corona 19), and Han Jin-sun, including Ryu So-yeon (2009, 2015), won two consecutive championships. Third.

The two shot eagles that came out midway through the game served as a stepping stone to a two-game losing streak. Han Jin-sun, who was marching par until the 5th hole, changed the atmosphere by catching the first birdie of the day at the 6th hole (par 3). In the 7th hole (par 4) that followed, the ball hit at the 161 yard spot was sucked into the hole, and a pleasant eagle came out, reducing two more strokes at once. Han Jin-sun, who was the first to climb to the 10-under par height and took the lead, later reduced one more stroke on the 10th hole (par 4), and produced another famous scene with a shot eagle as shown in the picture on the 11th hole (par 5). The remaining distance to the hole was about 99 yards, and the third shot was sucked into the hole as it was, recording the second shot eagle of the day following the 7th hole.

Han Jin-sun, who took the lead by 4 strokes by reducing her score to 13 under par at once, hit a short tee shot at the 14th hole (par 3) and even puttted a par putt that was about 2.5m away, and continued the tight match.

Rather, the pursuers lost at-bats, and Han Jin-sun cruised toward his second consecutive championship with a more comfortable game. Lim Jin-hee, who was chasing by 4 strokes, made a bogey on the 14th hole, and KEPCO took the lead by 5 strokes. In the 16th hole (par 4), he added a birdie and ran to the lead by 6 strokes, virtually putting a wedge in the championship. After that, Han Jin-sun, who blocked all remaining holes with pars, secured her first place and succeeded in winning her second career.

Han Jin-sun was a shooter until she learned golf in the second year of middle school. Within three months of his initiation, he was so talented that he took second place in a national competition. Thanks to his unusual history, the modifier ‘sniper’ follows his name.

Han Jin-sun, who gave meaning to the opening of the tournament by saying, “I feel good when I come to this golf course,” said, “It is the first time in my life that I have played an eagle twice a day, and it was amazing to come out at this tournament.” It was regrettable, but it seems that waiting with the thought, ‘Someday the birdie will fall’ led to good results.”

Han Jin-sun, who lifted the championship trophy again after a year, jumped 15 places from 29th to 14th (349.8 million won) by adding 144 million won in prize money. His all-time personal highest ranking is 17th (441.2 million 3333 won) recorded last year.

Lim Jin-hee (25), who challenged to win her 3rd win of the season, recorded a bogey on the last 18th hole (par 4) and tied for second place with Lee So-mi, Madasom, and Lee Ga-young (over 8 under par 280 strokes), and Park Min-ji tied with Park Do-young and Kim So-i. Together, they finished the tournament with a tie for 6th place (above 7 under par 281 strokes).

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