Lee Kang-in is planning to move to Paris, France, to paint. The last hurdle to transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has also been crossed.스포츠토토

On the 4th (Korean time), Juanmi Sanchez, a reporter for Mallorca belonging to Spain’s ‘Marca’, said, “Mallorca and PSG have reached a complete agreement on Lee Kang-in’s transfer. Lee Kang-in will play for PSG. It will be signed in the next few hours.” Reported.

“Mallorca will receive more than 17 million euros (about 24 billion won) from the transfer of Lee Kang-in, who joined as a free agent (FA) in 2021. The total transfer fee is 22 million euros (about 31 billion won) and , 20% of that (4.4 million euros, 6 billion won) belongs to Lee Kang-in.”

He continued, “As a result, the interest and negotiations that have been ongoing since June 12th have been completed. The negotiations took more time than necessary, and we have finally reached an agreement. It is expected that it will be formalized with signatures within the next few hours.”

Finally, “Lee Kang-in has already passed the medical test and will be leaving for Paris this week. He has to sign a long-term contract proposed by PSG. This will happen as soon as Lee Kang-in leaves Seoul and joins PSG.”

Lee Kang-in joined the Valencia youth team in 2011. It was evaluated as his best talent, and his La Liga debut was announced in the 2018-19 season. However, what happened after that was disappointing. He had to get many opportunities to grow, but his reality was not easy. He played 17 matches (444 minutes) in the 2019-20 season and 24 matches (1,267 minutes) in the 2020-21 season, but most of them were substitute appearances. He was clearly lacking playing time.

Then, in the summer of 2021, after 10 years of companionship with Valencia, he moved to Mallorca. His existing contract period was until June 2022, but Valencia demanded ‘termination of the contract’ from Lee Kang-in to reinforce forward strikers. The player Valencia brought in was Brazilian national Marcus Andre. Valencia had Lee Kang-in (Korea), Maxi Gomes (Uruguay), and Omar Alderete (Paraguay) in the non-European quarter in Chapter 3. In order to register Andre, one seat had to be vacated, and the condition was met by sending Lee Kang-in.

As a result, Lee Kang-in was a free agent, and Mallorca was able to have it without a transfer fee. His contract was for four years until June 2025. His contract included a buyout. According to multiple reports, it is known to be around 25 million euros (about 35 billion won). In addition, Lee Kang-in’s agent set up so that Lee could receive 20% of the future transfer fee.

Lee Kang-in, who spent the first season adapting, decorated a fantastic 2022-23 season. Accordingly, from the winter transfer market in January, he received a love call from multiple clubs in Europe. In La Liga, there was Atletico Madrid, and in the English Premier League (EPL), multiple clubs, including the big 6 clubs, showed interest. However, the transfer was canceled when Mallorca declared ‘not for sale’.

At the time, Sanchez of Spain’s ‘Marca’ said, “The La Liga team that showed interest in Lee Kang-in is Atletico Madrid. What I would like to further convey is that Mallorca has already received an official request from Atletico. ‘We want to recruit Lee Kang-in in January.’ “Lo queremos fichar en enero”, han dicho al Mallorca. )” he wrote.

“Atlético wants to sit at the negotiating table right away this winter, but Mallorca will not respond until summer. Lee Kang-in is open to the current offer (because you don’t know what will happen in the summer), and wants to negotiate with Ortels. And the Premier League team is the top team, not Brighton (El Atlético quiere sentarse a negociar pero el Mallorca no lo hará hasta verano. Kang In, consciente de la oportunidad que se le ha presentado en enero (en verano quién sabe), quiere que Ortells se ponga a negociar. Y el equipo de la Premier es uno TOP, no el Brighton.)”

Leaving behind the disappointing winter transfer market, Lee Kang-in put on a steady performance. He played 36 Spanish La Liga games (2,843 minutes, 33 starts) and recorded ‘6 goals and 6 assists’, raising the most appearances and most attack points in a single season in his personal career. Outstanding in Mallorca. During the development process, it couldn’t have been possible without Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in was involved in all directions, going back and forth from the side and center. He led the offense through his passing ability as well as the league’s best dribbling skills. In particular, in the dribbling success category, he ranked second (90 times) after Vinicius Junior (112 times, Real Madrid).

His ransom value has also risen sharply. The football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ carried out an update on the European league ransom in June. Lee Kang-in’s value is 22 million euros, which has risen by 16 million euros (approximately 22.5 billion won) in one year. This corresponds to 1st place in Mallorca, 32nd place born in 2001, 36th attacking midfielder, 58th place in La Liga, 3rd place in Korea, and 365th place in the world.

The uptrend is starting again. Lee Kang-in made 20 million euros (about 28 billion won) in Valencia, then moved to Mallorca after dropping to 10 million euros (about 14 billion won). His decline continued in his first season as well, dropping significantly to 6 million euros (approximately 8.5 billion won). And he rebounded from the 2022-23 season, and within a year, he raised 16 million euros, breaking through 30 billion won.

Atlético, who was interested in the existing, set up the negotiating table again. And through the ‘cash + player’ trade format, Lee Kang-in was promoted. The transfer fee was 12 million euros (approximately 17 billion won), and the loan player was Rodrigo Riquelme.

But he couldn’t satisfy Mallorca. Lee Kang-in had a buyout of 17 million euros (about 24 billion won) before the season, but it rose to 25 million euros after the end of the season. Mallorca wanted as much income as possible through the sale of Lee Kang-in, and thus rejected Atletico’s offer.

As the transfer to Atletico failed, PSG joined the scout. First of all, an individual agreement was reached quickly. Loic Tanji of France’s ‘L’Equipe’ said in mid-June, “PSG and Mallorca are nearing an agreement on Lee Kang-in’s transfer. Lee Kang-in has already passed the medical test in Paris and has agreed to a long-term contract with PSG.” Lelebo’s Matteo Moreto explained, “Lee Kang-in’s move to PSG is very imminent. The current possibility is 99.9%.”

However, the agreement between the clubs was delayed. In this regard, Spain’s ‘OK Diario’ said, “An agreement between Mallorca and PSG has not yet been reached. It is a complex process involving several brokers involved in the contract and each having a fee. It is not just about the transfer fee. We want to include the player in the deal.”

However, PSG was negative about the player’s inclusion and wanted to negotiate only over the transfer fee. Then, Mallorca set the transfer fee at 22 million euros and called a high amount.

In addition, PSG’s cluttered situation also played a part. On the way, there was a refusal to extend the Kylian Mbappe contract and rumors of a transfer, and the appointment of a new manager was delayed. In addition, there was also a view that PSG would announce from July when the fiscal year changes to protect Financial Fair Play (FFP).

In the end, PSG decided to listen to Mallorca’s demands. On the 2nd, European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said, “All parties involved in Lee Kang-in’s transfer to PSG are confident in the contract that will be completed soon. Medical tests have already been completed and a verbal agreement has been reached between the two clubs. Waiting for the signature in progress,” he said.

And on the 4th, the news of complete agreement was delivered. PSG agreed to pay 22 million euros, which Mallorca finally approved. Accordingly, Lee Kang-in is scheduled to leave Paris within this week and plans to complete his signature upon arrival. It is known that his contract period is 5 years and his annual salary is 4 million euros (approximately 5.6 billion won).

Fabricio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, also revealed six freshmen ahead of the transfer on the 4th, saying, “PSG will formalize some contracts.”

Luca Hernandez (Bayern Munich), Manuel Ugarte (Sporting), Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), Marco Asensio (FA), Milan Schkriniar (FA), and Cher Ndour (FA) were named. Lucca spent 45 million euros (about 63.5 billion won), Ugarte 60 million euros (about 85 billion won), and Lee Kang-in 22 million euros. Separately, the director was Luis Enrique.

It’s not a light recruitment. ‘Marca’ said, “PSG general manager Luis Campos has been watching Lee Kang-in throughout this season. Lee Kang-in has become the most attractive player in the Spanish La Liga market. PSG has guaranteed Lee Kang-in a first team spot and an opportunity to play in European competitions.” .

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