Jack Nicklaus GCK is once again getting players into trouble.

Jack Nicklaus GCK in Songdo, Incheon, where the 3rd round of the ‘DP World Tour Korea Championship Presented by Genesis’ was held on the 29th.

In this area, it rained from the previous night, and by dawn, the sea fog was so thick that it was difficult to distinguish the front. In addition, as the rain became thicker, a signal was issued to stop the game for 15 minutes at 8:45 am, and a second suspension was decided at 10:05, an hour and 20 minutes later.

Fortunately, the game resumed at 12:00, but this time the problem was the rapidly dropping temperature. Players who have to fight against themselves must also face an unexpected variable called the weather.

Jack Nicklaus GCK is known for its challenging golf course and its fickle weather that plagues players.

In fact, at the Genesis Championship held here in October of last year, the weather in the final round of the tournament also emerged as a hot topic. Kim Young-soo, who was tied for 5th through the 3rd round, kissed the cup despite the bad weather.

At the time, Kim Young-soo said in an interview after winning, “I had a hard time because of the bad weather. It was also hard for him to shoot through the head wind,” he said, sticking out his tongue.

In the second round the previous day, many players were able to reduce the number of strokes amid warm weather, but in the third round, which came with rain, wind, and a drop in temperature, they are shooting in a completely different environment.

The perplexing ones were, of course, the players in the front group who started early in the morning. He had to wait for about two hours during the game and lost a lot of bats while facing the cold wind. The players who started after that also seemed to be playing defensively, as if trying not to lose as many strokes as possible rather than aggressive play.

Strong winds continued in the afternoon. There were a lot of cases where the ball fell into a hazard, such as a bunker or lake, and there were scenes where the number of strokes was lost with a penalty due to this. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Fortunately, sunny weather is predicted for the 30th, when the final round will be held. However, it is chilly at 9 degrees Celsius in the morning and rises to 16 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, so you need to prepare for the big diurnal temperature difference. Attention is focusing on who will become the champion who will rise to the top after overcoming the obstacle of the weather.

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