Angel Di Maria, who plays for Italian Serie A Juventus, pointed out the position of French Ligue 1 Par Saint-Germain (PSG) Killian Mbappe in the team. Di Maria raised a question, saying, “PSG gave Mbappe too much authority in a situation where Lionel Messi is in the team.”

According to the British media Daily Mail on the 18th local time, Di Maria claimed this in an interview with ESPN Argentina.스포츠토토 Argentinian Di María has openly expressed affection and support for his national teammate Messi.

According to the media, Di Maria pointed out, “It seems that France is giving Mbappe too much responsibility as a whole,” and “the French people, as well as the president and even PSG.” He also claimed that “the French side grabbed Mbappe when he tried to leave the team, and handed over all power to Mbappe, leaving everyone else aside.”

Di Maria saw that the fact that Mbappe is French also added strength to this situation. Referring to Messi, he analyzed, “Even though the ‘best player in history’ is next to me, I gave all my strength to Mbappe.”

At the same time, he emphasized that trust in Mbappe as an individual is still the same, saying, “Mbappe was a good boy during PSG days, and I don’t think he would have changed much.” Di Maria worked with Mbappe and others at PSG for seven years from the summer of 2015 to last year.

PSG made headlines last year by renewing the contract with Mbappe and putting up unconventional conditions. Along with his three-year contract, he promised a monthly salary of 4 million pounds (KRW 6.3 billion) and a signing bonus of 100 million pounds (156.6 billion won).

In addition, it was known that Mbappe had been given the authority to organize the PSG squad and to appoint and replace the manager, causing some controversy. Mbappe was later rumored to have a feud with his teammate Neymar. Several media also reported that a faction of French players was formed around Mbappe.

In the midst of this, the possibility of Mbappe transferring to Real Madrid in Spanish La Liga was raised in the transfer market this summer, but it is known that Mbappe chose to remain in France.

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