One of the driving forces of SSG Landers at the beginning of the season is the strong pitching of young pitchers. ‘Lefty Young Gun’ Baek Seung-gun is also considered one of them.

Baek Seung-gun joined SSG in 2019 as the first choice, and then went back and forth between the first team and the Futures League for two years to gain experience. After completing his military service at Sangmu and being discharged last September, he showed growth at the spring camp in Florida, USA last February and was noticed by the coaching staff.

His growth is also evident. As of the 29th, he has appeared in 9 games and is recording an average ERA of 2.79 with 1 loss and 3 holds in 9⅔ innings. In his recent three appearances, he threw more than one inning in each game, showing stable pitching without a single hit.

Prior to the match against Doosan on the 28th, Baek Seung-gun said, “To be honest, I am not satisfied (with the results so far). I was a little anxious. I think I can just keep it as it is now.”

Baek Seung-geon believes that participating in the ‘mini camp’ led by senior Kim Gwang-hyun in his preparation for this season has been a great help to his growth. In January, Kim Gwang-hyun generously passed on his know-how while training in Okinawa, Japan, with young left-handed pitchers such as Baek Seung-gun, Oh Won-seok, and Lee Ki-soon. 

Baek Seung-gun said, “In December, I focused on weights, and while playing catch with Kim Gwang-hyun and (Oh) Won-seok in Japan, I have maintained what I paid attention to until now.” “he explained. 안전놀이터

Also, “Kim Gwang-hyun gave me advice while playing catch ball that you have to use your big toe well to move the center of gravity and receive strength. I am still throwing with care (this part)” and “Because I am centered, I gain confidence when hitting the ball. It’s the same,” he said thanks.

Not only the team, but also the baseball team are paying attention to Baek’s performance. Baek Seung-gun was named in the preliminary entry for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team announced on the 28th. Baek Seung-geon, who heard the news through an article, said, “It’s an honor and a good feeling to have entered the preliminary entry.”

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