“It was the best card that could be recruited at this point.”

Professional baseball SSG pulled out a replacement card for foreign players. He signed a contract with left-handed pitcher Roennis Elias (34). On the 4th, it was announced that “We acquired Elias from the former Chicago Cubs for a total of 540,000 dollars (approximately 700 million won).” He fills the vacancy of left-handed pitcher Eni Romero. SSG joined hands with Romero for a total of $1 million ahead of this season. The new foreigner has filled the upper limit of the ransom. However, during spring camp, he complained of shoulder pain and was sidelined. He ended up packing without playing a single game.

It is a resource that I picked up with a sense of first selection. Elias, from Cuba, went 22-24 with a 3.96 ERA in 395⅔ innings in 133 MLB games (54 starts). From the first year of his debut (2014), he left a strong impression by posting a double-digit multiplier (29 games, 10 wins, an average ERA of 3.85). He has experience in a variety of positions, including starting, bullpen, and long relief. He played for the Cuban national team in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and advanced to the semifinals. He appeared as a starting pitcher in the preliminary match against Italy and marked 5 scoreless innings.

SSG mainly focused on three things. Adaptation, health and harmony. One seat has been vacant for over a month already. Trial and error should be reduced. Elias boasts a sharp pitch based on a stable pitching mechanism. Even so, she maintains a restraint in the second half of 140 km. It is expected that there will be no great difficulty in utilizing the strike zone in the KBO League. Moreover, he is good at controlling the strength and weakness when pitching, and his arm swing is fast, so it is not easy to distinguish the type of pitch. An SSG official explained, “It is a type that has not been seen often.”

He also checked for injuries. In the case of Romero, even after completing cross-checks several times, he was eventually disqualified. Elias also has a history of injuries big and small. Since 2017, he has injured various parts such as the lats and hamstrings. In 2021 he even had elbow surgery. An SSG official said, “Fortunately, there was more muscle damage than his shoulder. He watched to see if there were any changes after the surgery. As a result of careful examination of restraint, pitch, stamina, and additional injuries, the build-up as a starter was proceeding normally.”안전놀이터

Melting well into the team is also an important part. Through the network owned by Trey Hillman Consultant, Elias’ baseball evaluation inside and outside was checked in various ways. Furthermore, he had a relationship with Guillermo Heredia, a foreign hitter currently playing in the SSG uniform, at the Seattle Mariners. A synergistic effect can be expected. Eridia said of Elias, “He’s a nice, good-natured and emotionally stable player.” He plans to join as soon as possible after completing the remaining procedures.

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