“There’s a lot of power in the bat.”

Hanwha Eagles’ main hitter, Noh Si-hwan (23), has recently lost a lot of his hitting skills. The team’s batting lineup is already weak, and there is no answer if even the key hitter cannot play his role. In the second game of the double header against KT Wiz on the 17th, he lethargically withdrew from two scoring opportunities. It was a game where one shot from Noh Si-hwan would change the course of the game.먹튀검증

He has failed to add a home run in his last 14 games and has not posted an RBI in six games.

Coach Choi Won-ho diagnosed, “Ahead of joining the Hangzhou Asian Games national team, I seem to have become impatient and am unable to hit.”

Noh Si-hwan will join the national team on the 23rd and depart for Hangzhou, China, the venue of the tournament, on the 28th. If he makes it to the finals, he is scheduled to return home on October 8th. He must be away from his team for two weeks.

As of the 20th, .209, 6 ERA, 30 home runs, and 96 RBI. Before he went to the national team, he wanted to accumulate as many home runs and RBIs as possible, but that didn’t work out. MVP contender Eric Peddie (NC Dinos) has recently won three straight games, and Hong Chang-ki (LG Twins), who ranks first in hits, runs, and on-base percentage, has been attracting attention recently.

Senior Choi Jeong (SSG Landers), a home run and RBI competitor, is also burdened.

Coach Choi said, “The swing takes effort and comes out late. Normally, in a favorable ball count, the swing cannot be late.

Well, there is one reason. Because it takes strength. He explained, “I want to go with good grades, but things don’t go as planned, so I think I’m impatient.” He

continued, “Players look at the schedule and make their own calculations regarding grades. If you’re a pitcher, a few wins a month, something like that. However, he said, “If things don’t go as planned, things can get urgent.” He said

this with the hope that Noh Si-hwan will not be impatient and play the game as usual. Coach Choi hopes that Noh Si-hwan will remain in good condition more than anyone else. Meanwhile

, , Chae Eun-seong, who played at No. 6 the day before and hit a home run, returns to No. 4. Chae Eun-seong, whose stamina was low, took a break from the game against KT on the 18th and went down to the bottom of the batting order against SSG Landers on the 19th and hit a home run.

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