“It’s an important year for me too…”

The Samsung Lions have been running the team with a ‘3 catcher system’. In addition to main catcher Kang Min-ho (38), Kim Tae-gun (34) and Kim Jae-seong (27) shared catcher masks.

The more gunnery resources, the better, but some traffic control was necessary. Samsung was a good trade partner for a team without catcher resources.온라인바카라

KIA, which was thirsty for the main catcher, moved steadily. From spring camp, we talked about Samsung and the catcher. At the end of the first half, the deal was finally concluded.

Samsung sent Kim Tae-gun, who acted as a middle bridge. To reinforce the infield, he embraced ‘all-around utility player’ Ryu Ji-hyeok (27).

Kim Tae-goon will wear the ‘fourth uniform’. After joining the LG Twins in 2008, he moved to the NC Dinos as a special player for the new team after the 2012 season. He, who also served as the main catcher in NC, transferred to Samsung as a trade after the 2021 season.

Last year, he recorded a batting average of .209.8 in 102 games, and he played the best role. This season, he continued to appear in games and recorded a batting average of .200.

However, a sad time passed for the team and for Kim Tae-goon himself. Kim Tae-goon will be eligible for free agency after this season. A situation where you can get a better value evaluation if you show a little more presence. KIA is expected to be the best stage for Kim Tae-goon. Kim Tae-goon quickly adapted to the game by scoring an RBI in a substitute match against SSG Landers in Incheon on the 5th.

As they leave for a place with more opportunities, Samsung coach Park Jin-man delivered a message of support. Director Park said, “(After the trade) I talked to Kim Tae-gun. Thank you for working hard and leading the team well as a senior.” Coach Park continued, “It’s a new challenge. I will be given a chance in a new team, but this year is an important year for me, so I cheered for him to do well.”

Kim Tae-goon also thanked Director Park. Director Park said, “(Kim) Tae-goon said he was grateful. I am grateful.”

Meanwhile, coach Park expressed his intention to go with a ‘two-man catcher system’ with Kang Min-ho and Kim Jae-seong, with Kim Tae-gun absent. ‘Fourth year’ Lee Byung-hun will continue to temper himself in the Futures League for the time being.

In addition, coach Park said, “I’m thinking of a third baseman,” as to how to utilize Ryu Ji-hyeok.

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