Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa), who made his name known as the crazy goalkeeper, was once again selected as the best goalkeeper.스포츠토토

The International Football Federation (FIFA) selected Martinez as the male goalkeeper of the year through the ‘The Best FIFA Football Awards 2022’ ceremony held in ‘Paris’, France on the 28th. He played a big role in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and helped Argentina win the championship. Following the World Cup’s best goalkeeper, he was selected as the FIFA’s best goalie.

Although he was recognized for his competitiveness as a goalkeeper, he received more issues for his madness than his skills. When Argentina received the ‘Golden Glove’ after winning the World Cup, Martinez held the trophy to an embarrassing part and performed a ‘low-quality ceremony’. He also carried incidents and accidents, such as mocking French ace Kylian Mbappe.

In particular, the mockery of Mbappe has been heavily criticized. Many French footballers joined the ranks of critics, and local media even nicknamed him ‘the Argentine the French hate the most’.

In response, Martinez tried to ease the discomfort of the French people. He had praised Mbappe as the best player, and this time he confessed his love for the whole of France.

After being named FIFA’s best goalkeeper, he told France’s ‘TMC’, “(Mbappe mockery) was really just a football game. To be honest, I love France. I’ve been to France a lot on vacation. Also, I love the French. Aston “At Villa, I shared a room with two French players. Arsene Wenger is also a legendary coach.”

“To be honest, it was impossible to beat France in the World Cup,” said Martinez.

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