“Compared to Hyundai Mobis days, I do more running training here.”

Kim Young-hyun made his debut through the 2013-2014 KBL rookie draft. Even before his debut, his outstanding defensive skills attracted a lot of attention. But it took him a long time to prove his worth.

The time when Kim Young-hyun saw the light was the last 2022-2023 season. Kim Young-hyun played 50 games last season and played an average of 16 minutes, which was a great help to the team’s defense. He also enjoyed the honor of being selected as the 5th defensive girl.토토사이트

The off-season greeted like that. Kim Young-hyun, who obtained FA qualification, left Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, where he played for 9 years, and headed to DB.

Kim Young-hyun, whom I met during his off-season training, said, “It seems that I have adapted to some extent. At first, there were (Kim) Jong-gyu and (two) Kyung-min, so there was no great difficulty in adapting. However, he works out in a different way from Hyundai Mobis. He had a lot of strength in his body, so he struggled a lot at first.”

When asked about the difference between the DB and Hyundai Mobis training methods, Kim Young-hyeon said, “Compared to Hyundai Mobis days, we do a lot of running training here. He did a lot of strength training and weights for a month. I think he will be able to show a better figure next season. The key is to maintain the current physical condition.”

DB includes Kim Jong-kyu (204cm, C) and Doo Kyung-min (184cm, G) who wrote the legend of Kyung Hee University together with Kim Young-hyun. In response, Kim Young-hyun said, “Kyung-min and Jong-gyu are good players with their skills. I am acting as a lubricant for both players running the game. If you do it faithfully, I think a good game will come out,” he said, expressing his anticipation of playing with the two players.

In order for Kim Young-hyeon to be given more playing time, he needs a unique, strong defense. However, Kim Young-hyun said, “Defense is natural. We have to repay the trust of the coach and coach on the court,” he said. “Attack is also important. It’s not a lot of roles, but it has to be concise and helpful to the team. At the same time, he also needs to be able to attack 2-on-2.”

Kim Young-Hyun has dealt with DB as an enemy for 9 years since his debut. How did Kim Young-hyun look at DB? “It was a great team. At the same time, Albano and Kyung-min were there, so there was a difficult part in the front-line defense. So he tried to stop it even more tenaciously. (Laughs) Because the existing players were so solid and good, it was difficult to deal with. However, last season we struggled with injuries and foreign players.”

In fact, DB struggled last season with residual injuries from players and foreign players who did not adapt perfectly. They also failed to qualify for the playoffs. However, this off-season, Kim Young-hyeon and Seo Min-soo (196cm, F) were recruited and they succeeded in reinforcing their strength. A foreign player who has been certified in the KBL named Didric Lawson (202cm, F) was also sought.

In response, Kim Young-hyun said, “Everyone has a big heart to do it. I really look forward to it. As a player, of course you run with the goal of winning. There are strong teams such as SK and KCC. But I don’t know what the sport will be like. You have to stick to it,” he said, showing a confident appearance.

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