A bizarre incident occurred in the Mexican Pro League last week. The referee assaulted the player.

The match between Club America and Leonga went wild. Both teams were fighting to the death as they were in the Champions League qualifiers.

In the end, Barreiro was warned by the referee, and teammate Lucas Romero, who saw this, ran up to the referee and protested harshly.

Referee Fernando Hernandez struck Romero in the critical area with his knee, who protested violently. Romero fell to his knees in agony. 온라인카지노

When the scene was released to the media, the Mexican Professional Football Disciplinary Commission investigated the incident. Fans strongly demanded that the referee be fired.

Romero, on the other hand, publicly appealed to the committee that he did not want a punishment too severe for referee Hernandez. “Referees are human too,” Romero said. They can make mistakes and those mistakes lead to a lot of misunderstandings about what happened in the end.”

“I didn’t ask for anything, the referee told me after the match that he didn’t mean it,” Romero said. He said they respect us on the pitch as we respect them.”

However, despite Romero’s request, referee Hernandez received a heavy penalty. He received a 12-game suspension. In response, the press said that Romero’s pleas did not work at all.

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