I scored even by hitting it with my left hand. Highway Corporation Catbell scored 30 points and led to victory in Game 4 of the Champions League.

The road construction scored a set score of 3-1 (22-25, 25-21, 25-22, 25-23 ) won. After giving away the 1st and 2nd games, the road construction took the 3rd and 4th games and led the match to the 5th game. Catbell scored 30 points, the most of both teams that day. Catbell has the second most points scored in a single game this season. 스포츠토토

Catbell performed rather poorly until the beginning of the second set. She posted 6 points in the first set, but her success rate gradually began to improve. In the end, coach Kim Jong-min called Catbell to the bench and talked. Director Kim Jong-min said, “In the beginning, my swing rhythm always turned sideways, so I advised him to catch only the RBI and hit it quickly. You need to have speed, not force, to avoid blocking. Later on, he played his role well.” said

The 4th set was the highlight of Catbell’s performance that day. He scored 10 points with an attack success rate of 55.6%. In 23-23, he hit a rather long toss with his left hand to score, and in 24-23, George put a spike in the game. “The idea was that I had to score any ball, and I had to hit it with my left hand,” said Catbell.

Catbell, who played for Heungkuk Life Insurance last season, could not renew the contract, but was recruited by Expressway Corporation as a substitute for Katarina Jovic. Catbell, who is usually very excited, played the role of an atmosphere maker and contributed to the rebound of the road construction. And he performed more than expected in the championship game.

After the match, Catbell shed tears during a broadcast interview. Catbell said, “I was in tears at that moment. I also shed a lot of tears. I was emotional because I was able to help from the road construction company. It’s hard to express, but I liked the moment I scored. My fingers, knees, and back hurt, but I can’t believe I’m playing after returning to Korea. ” said He continued, “(If I win the 5th match), I think I will make a Korean passport. I think I will tear my uniform and shake it.”

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