KEPCO’s challenge to advance to the championship match for the first time in its founding ended unfortunately.

KEPCO had a set score of 1 to 3 (19-25, 19-25, 25-23, 19-25, 19-25, 25-23, 21-25). In a situation where the set score was 0-2, I took the 3rd set and tried to revive the embers of the pursuit, but it was not enough. 

Despite the rigorous schedule that started with the semi-PO, the players showed their fighting spirit until the end. Jupo Tais played the role of an ace even with a bad knee, and veteran Shin Young-seok devoted himself to his team by holding on to his sore ankle. 

Although the season ended unfortunately, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min applauded the players who did their best. He said, “I believed in the players, and the players followed me well. It’s unfortunate, but the players gave 150%.” He added, “Looking back on the season, all the players worked hard and did well.” 

During the season, there was a period of falling into the pit of 9 consecutive losses, but the last was decorated with the hot heat of spring volleyball. Coach Kwon said, “There were a lot of difficulties during the season, but I was able to grow with the players.” I did,” he recalled.

At the time of the 9th consecutive loss, no one expected KEPCO to advance to the postseason. In response, coach Kwon said, “This is a result I did not expect. There were injuries during the season, but I think it’s fortunate that I came out early.” 

Coach Kwon, who took the helm of KEPCO last year, succeeded in entering the PO from the first season of his debut. Called a ‘beginner director’, after beating Woori Card in JunPO, he expressed his confidence, saying, “I am not a beginner director anymore.”

Although he was caught by Hyundai Capital in PO, it can be said to be an outstanding achievement considering that it is still the first year of his debut. Director Kwon said, “When he first took office, he thought of the culture of the team first,” and looked back, saying, “It was comfortable because there were many senior staff to set the mood.” 온라인카지노

I also pointed out the missing parts. Director Kwon said, “It seems that the time to melt into the team was short as the setter was changed from the beginning of the season.”

But he saw potential as much as he regretted it. Director Kwon emphasized that the rapid growth of next-generation ace Lim Seong-jin was “the most proud point.” Then, he said, “Because (Lee) Simon is discharged from the military, next year it will be easier to operate outside heaters,” and “because there is an Asian quota, we will try to go one step further by filling in the weak parts.” 

He also sincerely congratulated the opponent team, Hyundai Capital, on their victory in PO. As it is a team that I have been with for a long time as a player, I expected to show a good performance in the championship match. 

Coach Kwon said, “Hyundai Capital players have done very well.” 

Finally, regarding his goal for the next season, he said, “Advancing to the PO this season was not my goal. I definitely had a chance to go up, but it’s a pity.”

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