LG Shin Min-jae, NC Seo Ho-cheol, and Hanwha Lee Do-yoon have several things in common. First of all, they were born in 1996, so they are the same age. It is similar in that he plays as an infielder for his team, such as second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop, respectively. They are also showing prominence in the professional world at a slightly late age of 27.카지노

Shin Min-jae joined Doosan as a training player in 2015 and started alternative service as a social worker the following year, then wore LG’s uniform through the second draft in 2017. After his call-up, he enjoyed the joy of his first team debut in 2019, but his role was limited to a large runner. That year, Shin Min-jae played in 81 games, but only batted 94 times.

His status has not changed this season either. At the beginning of the season, there was no room for him to squeeze into the position of second baseman Seo Kun-chang and Kim Min-sung. The opportunity came by chance. Due to Seo Geon-chang’s sluggish performance and Kim Min-sung’s injury, LG’s second base became Muju Gongsan. Shin Min-jae did not miss the opportunity to start for a short time to fill the gap in the starting lineup.

He played in 66 games this season, showing a batting average of 0.344 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.754, and even the infield defense, which was compliant with the league’s stolen bases (21), was evenly active in the offense, defense, and week. At the end of the first half, he became the starting second baseman for LG, the league leader.

After graduating from Dong-Eui University, Seo Ho-cheol joined NC in the 2nd 9th round (87th place) of the 2019 KBO League Rookie Draft. He recorded a high batting average of 0.388 in the 2021 season when he was a manager, raising expectations after his discharge, but returned to NC and scored a low batting average of 0.205 in 89 games in the 2022 season.

Prior to the start of this season, he was classified as a backup third baseman on the team. However, Seo Ho-cheol took the starting position, showing off a sense of hitting that increased in the starting opportunity that was obtained after the injury of Park Seok-min, who was the starting third baseman. He finished the first half with a batting average of 0.310 and an OPS of 0.759, and he made a splash in defense, filling the gap at second base caused by Park Min-woo’s injury.

Lee Do-yoon, who joined Hanwha in the 2nd 3rd round (24th place) of the 2015 KBO League rookie draft, stayed mainly in the 2nd team until this season, aiming for an opportunity to show off his talent. This season too, his start was in the second team. At the beginning of the opening season, Park Jeong-hyeon and Oh Seon-jin took turns holding the position of shortstop in the first team. Lee Do-yoon was first registered as a first-team entry on May 20 after Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho took office.

Oh Seon-jin was out of the game due to a hamstring injury, and Park Jung-hyun was sluggish in batting. On the day of the call-up, Lee Do-yoon showed his potential in batting by hitting ‘multi-hits’ in the game against LG, and showed stable appearance as he repeatedly played in defense, quickly establishing himself as the main shortstop. In the second half, it is expected to compete with Ha Joo-seok and Oh Seon-jin for starting positions, but his performance in the first half was not lacking.

Three people of the same age, who spent a lot of patience, bloomed their own flowers during the first half. It is the sweet rain that came after a drought, so their performance is more welcome.

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